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Cris N

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Jun 24, 2005
Northern Wisconsin
I had my mitral valve replacement in 2005 and everything there is fine. What isn't fine is my emphysema. I see a lot of ads for Carda Health which seems to be a lot more proactive than the service my insurance (medicare advantage) enrolled me in.

Has anyone had experience with Cardo Health?
Medicare Advantage isn't a service - it's an HMO. I don't know which HMO you're associated with, but you might check and see if one of their medical organizations can do a better job for you.

I had to bite the bullet a few years ago, quitting my $21 a year Medicare Advantage plan because they were a hassle to work with, didn't include my cardiologist in any of their provider lists and, as I said, were a real pain to work with.

I'm now paying almost $300 a month for my Supplement - but it lets me use my cardiologist, go to pretty much any doctor I choose (without needing a referral and waiting to find one who works with the Advantage plan), and get needed tests and diagnostic procedures without having to get them approved days later by an employee whose main purpose is to cost the employer as little as possible to provide appropriate care).
paying almost $300 a month for my Supplement
Protimenow - Are you now using original Medicare with a part G supplemental plan? If so, what consideration did they give your heart disease when you applied for the part G supplemental? I have heard stories of preexisting conditions leading to higher rates and even denial of coverage when a person switches from Medicare Advantage to original Medicare with a part G supplemental.
Good question.
IIRC, I changed during the October-December period where you can switch plans regardless of pre-existing conditions.

I used a licensed insurance agent who worked with these issues to help me find the plan.

I didn't keep my history from the supplement provider. I'm pretty sure that there IS a time when they have to accept you regardless of health history. OTOH - maybe they didn't care about my heart history - they probably make enough money on supplements for people with fewer, less expensive issues, to cover their costs.

A licensed agent may have better information for you than what I can recall.