11 Years

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Congratulations and hopefully many more to come.
Today’s my 19th valvaversary. I can’t say “takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’ “ as I no longer hear it. Doc says it’s fibrosis around the annulus and the fat I’ve added over the years with age. Been self testing and managing for most of that.
Best to all. :)
Yesterday was my 11 year anniversary, today is my 68th birthday, just had my yearly echo and stress test and all checked out great. Going Strong! I wish the same for all.
Excellent. May will be 13 years since I got my AVR Bovine value done at Cleveland Clinic. I am now 65. Have CHF also. I still work because I have to. I hope to get a few years more before they say another one is needed. Did you get a tissue or mechanical valve? All the best to you!

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