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Heart Attack on 4/23/14, rushed to ER, first taken to cath lab for examination but then taken to OR for emergency open heart surgery.
Knew I had "leaky" aortic heart valve for years before but was told it was not a problem. Only recently learned it was congenital defect (bicuspid aortic valve). My father died very young (in 40's) of a heart attack & also had some sort of valve issue (I suspect same thing).

Music, guitar
Schwenksville, PA, USA
Double Coronary Artery Bypass
Aortic Valve replacement (Mechanical by On-X)
Warfarin/Coumadin (on 44mg per week as of September 2014)
Prevacid 30mg (PPI for GERD which I had already been on)
Have a low paying unskilled job now after 20+ years as a well paid IT professional; would like to get a real job again worthy of my brain cells but finding that impossible due to age discrimination and current economic conditions.
Stumbled onto this site googling for some PT-INR information


Heart Attack April 2014, emergency double bypass,+ replacement of Aortic Valve. Valve was congenital defect (bicuspid) and had degraded enough to need fixing. Heredity was my only real risk factor, and it got me.