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    Staying the Course -- September 9, 2020

    Walking is definitely an upper for me, even without Katiedawg, who is back in the city with my husband. Next Monday I'll drive back to drop off Lokicat (pictured relaxing near the roof deck)and pick up Katiedawg for the trip back to the beach, where we will spend the final two weeks getting the...
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    Staying the Course -- August 17, 2020

    We've had our first glimpse of autumn during the past few days, with night time temperatures falling into to 60s. It seems like summer breaks early out here on Long Island, NY. The beach walks continue each day for about an hour and a half or so. Yesterday was a day to find treasures after...
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    Staying the Course -- August 3, 2020

    Three damaged roof shingles here at the beach house. We had high winds but not much rain. Superbob, I am also battling with weight gain. That fight never ends, does it?
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    Staying the Course -- July 7, 2020

    Very good on the small peddling unit, Superbob. Two friends of ours also purchased similar units and they like them. Speaking of gardens, we usually have a garden tour each year at about this time. It's a fund raiser that helps pay for community plantings and maintenance. But this year we had to...
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    Staying the Course -- June 29, 2020

    Well, the rolling year is now on the down slope with the days getting shorter already. Happy 4th Superbob, and to all who celebrate the holiday. My husband and I live in Philadelphia during the cooler months but enjoy our beach house in summer. By pure coincidence we purchased the beach house...
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    Tissue Valvers. How Old is Yours?

    Five and a third years on my Trifecta...so far so good!
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    Staying the Course -- June 23, 2020

    We're not much for cooking shows, but one thing that we enjoy during these pandemic days is reviewing photos from our travels. Years ago a friend suggested to me to travel while we can. We took this advice to heart and did as much travel as we could. This seems like it was a good plan in...
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    Foldax valve trials

    Thanks for your comments, Jimmy! Let's hope for this to happen sooner rather than later!
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    Foldax valve trials

    Will it be available for trans-catheter valve-in-valve implantation?
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    Staying the Course -- June 15, 2020

    So many poor dogs need a home even if it might not be forever. It might do both you and the dog great good to spend whatever time you have together. We got Katie dog knowing that she might outlive us. But the love back and fourth each day is so special, and so wonderful. Take it one day at a...
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    Staying the Course -- June 15, 2020

    Good to read about Ellie, Superbob. Having a canine companion is great for both your physical and mental health. I lost my beloved mix Bradley when I was hospitalized for OHS in 2015. I was caring for him in his senior years but when I was ill his care became too much for my family. While I have...
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    Staying the Course -- June 9, 2020

    Hi Paleowoman - yes the photo is a view of Fire Island looking west from Cherry Grove, the hamlet where we have owned a small cottage for 20 years. Fire Island is a barrier beach located several miles south of Long Island, NY. I took the photo with my sUAS (drone.) The water on the left in the...
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    Staying the Course -- June 9, 2020

    Checking in, hope everyone is well and healthy. My husband and I got out of Dodge (Philadelphia) just before the George Floyd protests began...we're on Fire Island. We both just tested negative for Cov-19. It's secluded out here so we hope to stay safe and healthy. Superbob, I hope you can...
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    Staying the Course --- 03/30/2020

    Stopping by to say hello. We're healthy so far and hunkered down in Philadelphia. This Palm Sunday morning I did a Zoom virtual service followed by a nice fellowship meeting sponsored by St. Barthelemy Anglican Church, St. Barthekemy, F.W.I . It's my favorite vacation spot. We enjoyed ten days...
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    Staying the Course -- 11/05/2019

    Sounds like you're making good progress, Superbob! Good luck with your rehab. I found it reassuring but I dropped out about half way through. Sure, take a break for a nice family Thanksgiving. We'll have a quiet Thanksgiving dinner at home with friends. Before that we're doing a weekend trip to...