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    Episodic "brain fog", fatigue, coordination issues post AVR surgery?

    Thanks for the info, Iggy. For my first several episodes, I thought I kept getting frequent colds since our kid is in daycare (a hive of infection). But as things went on through the spring and summer with no explanation despite visits to my GP, cardiologist, and even an unrelated stay in the...
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    Episodic "brain fog", fatigue, coordination issues post AVR surgery?

    I had my bicuspid aortic valve replaced with a bioprosthetic in May 2019. My early recovery went great, but an arrhythmia developed after a few weeks and I was on amiodarone and Eliquis for almost three month. In the fall of 2019, I began having week-long episodes of fatigue (sometimes extreme)...
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    AVR tomorrow

    You're probably in surgery itself, or at least prep or waiting in the hospital, but still I want to wish you the best. You won't need good luck, just good surgeons. :) You might be surprised at how quickly your initial recovery goes, and how little sternum pain you feel. I was walking the next...
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    Migraine aura anyone? Or does the cheese stand alone?

    I'm just about 4 months post-op (OHS, AVR), and the frequency of my visual auras has decreased substantially since the enormous spike right after surgery. Prior to surgery, while on metoprolol for about 3 years, I had around 1 / 3 months. Immediately following surgery (and interestingly...
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    Edwards Resilia Inspiris Aortic Valve

    4-year results of the COMMENCE study of the Edwards Inspiris Resilia were recently presented at a conference. Out of 694 patients enrolled in the study, none have experienced structural valve deterioration or valve thrombosis. Now, one wouldn't necessarily expect any valve to fail after only...
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    Edwards Resilia Inspiris Aortic Valve

    One more data point here: the surgeons at Loyola University Medical Center near Chicago have installed 20-30 Edwards Inspiris Resilia valves. I just got insurance approval for mine that should be installed at the end of this month by Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz.
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    Vision Disturbances and Migraines

    I'm sorry folks are dealing with these migraine auras, but this is fascinating. I have suffered from them for decades, but they've been well controlled for the past two years with metoprolol (taken also for hypertension). I will have to undergo AVR soon, and had a cardiac catheterization...