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    Magnesium anyone?

    Interesting thread. I take a daily 380mg capsule at bedtime of Magnesium Hydroxide but do so to aid muscle cramps in my legs that used to occur at night. They still occur but much less frequently and with less effect. I have not noticed any effect on INR.
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    Inverting sleep schedule on warfarin

    I have not had to make much adjustment to the time of day I take my Warfarin, but if you would prefer to keep taking it at 8pm then I would be inclined to do that and see what, if any, difference the change of sleep pattern actually has. Presumably you don't need to report every result to your...
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    Changing beta blockers

    Can't comment on Bystolic, but I found Metoprolol made some sort of blood flow to the legs issue worse, and after trying a couple of others ended up on Nebivolol which has been much better. I think it is definitely worth an experiment - frankly I think even the medical profession sometimes...
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    Tissue Valvers. How Old is Yours?

    When my mechanical aortic valve was inserted, my natural valve had been severely stenotic due to calcium. I have been on one statin or another for cholesterol management for almost 30 years, and have been an insulin dependent diabetic for 24 years, and my surgeon said that the combination of...
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    Advancement and the future of Mechanical Valves/ Blood Thinners, ETC

    I see that the clinical trial that has been approved is expected to complete in December 2024, so will watch with interest. Having already got my mechanical valve it won't affect me, but good to see the innovations coming through.
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    Extreme Anxiety, Minimally Invasive, Ross Procedure, and Life Expectancy

    I can't comment on things like Ross procedures and TAVR etc, but I really feel for people who have such strong anxiety issues. My neighbour had this, and it seemed to me that the effect it had on her life was quite dramatic, ultimately contributing to her sad and early death in April this year...
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    Does COVID affect anticoagulation with patients on Warfarin? Affect INR?

    Yes, agreed no need to worry as still in range, but in terms of a question asking if Covid has a significant effect on INR that drop was significantly higher than any of the other weekly readings listed. That's not conclusively a link of course, but probably rules out the stress changes caused...
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    Age 55 and I need a new Aortic Valve, Its decision time. Radiation caused calcium build up. (First Post)

    Regarding the spleen issue, this article might be useful for considering a mechanical valve. I have had a form of anaemia since my aortic valve was replaced with a mechanical one six years ago. Apparently in some recipients the valve damages red blood cells, so this may be why your...
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    Does COVID affect anticoagulation with patients on Warfarin? Affect INR?

    Is that not quite a significant change? 0.6 change in a week would be high for me, if no other factors.
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    Mechanical Valve Stroke Risk

    This report by the UK's "National Institute of Clinical Excellence", which sets out best practice for our NHS, may be of some comfort, and I did a little amateur summary in hopefully plain English for those of us who are not medical experts. It doesn't say there is no risk, but that home...
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    Lab vs Home Test

    I think you are worrying about a level of accuracy unnecessarily, Athens: it is a measurement of something that fluctuates slightly all the time, and as long as the difference between a lab and your meter is not too great (for me that means a difference of +/- 0.2 or less, others may vary) I...
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    Does COVID affect anticoagulation with patients on Warfarin? Affect INR?

    I would not be at all surprised if there was an effect on your INR. I find that when I get a cold my INR drops fairly significantly even before I have symptoms.
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    Prostate benefit for vitamin K2?

    Interesting, thanks Tom! Though TBH, hair loss is not an issue for me - indeed I seem to have more hair on more parts of the body than ever! But I will discuss with my doc, as on our NHS website it does indeed show this as "used to treat men with an enlarged prostate".
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    Prostate benefit for vitamin K2?

    After reading a number of threads on here about the heart benefits of taking vitamin K2 I finally ordered some and started taking a daily capsule about 3 weeks ago. I am wondering if this is a coincidence, or due to other factors, but one thing I have noticed is that my bladder control seems to...
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    breathlessness with moderate aortic stenosis????

    This is good advice for new readers, Alberto (welcome!) but 19 years too late for the poster .... ;) (y)