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    Need an MRI

    I have had 2 MRIs since my valve was inserted. Valve not an issue but having a pacemaker makes it a bit more complicated but ok
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    Pacemaker Poll

    I had a St Jude aortic valve fitted, and a pacemaker 7 days later due to surgical complication.
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    Reinforcing the need for weekly testing

    Thanks for the update - I am impressed with your management of the situation, returning to being in range so quickly with what seemed to me too small a booster. I realise that people react to Warfarin differently but even so I think I would take a more cautious approach to correcting a problem...
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    Reinforcing the need for weekly testing

    I am interested in your thinking here, to increase the dose by 2mg. To my mind, based on how my body reacts to Warfarin, that would be an insufficient increase for me after 3 days of missing 5mg per day (if i remember correctly has happened here), and I would have taken a loading dose of an...
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    Reinforcing the need for weekly testing

    Fingers crossed you are correct.
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    Reinforcing the need for weekly testing

    Thanks for sharing, Protimenow it is good to share our mistakes and help others avoid them. However, my surgeon personally wrote a note in my INR management book, before i left hospital, to say give Heparin/Lovenox if INR under 2.5 (my therapeutic range is 2.5 to 3.5), adding that...
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    Help please

    As Pellicle has also said, prescriptions are national only in the EU too. Whilst there is an "EHIC card" (European Health Insurance Card) that entitles EU citizens to the same public healthcare arrangement as the destination country's citizens, a local prescription would be needed for medication.
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    One day at a time

    Well handled, Seaton. I am now 5 years post surgery, and still managed to miss the signs of an infection when I suddenly felt cold in the middle of the night, nicely snuggled under the duvet. I just snuggled up more, and went back to sleep, but in the morning I noticed my lower leg was red and...
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    Morning vs. evening anti-coagulation dose

    Hi Thomas. I suspect that an excellent graph will be posted here shortly by Pellicle showing how Warfarin typically takes about 3 days to reach full effect and then start to decay in the blood stream, and so each day's dose will overlap and achieve the comparatively smooth level of...
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    Low INR question

    I agree with Paul1972's conclusion. When people say "it is protocol" that is the "jobsworth" answer, as we call it here. (As in "More than my job is worth to think for myself - I am only obeying orders"). It is a poor defence on its own and should be supported with an explanation. Most likely...
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    Family planning

    If you will forgive the brief diversion from this serious topic, seeing the subject line reminded me of a sign allegedly used outside a council's offices where the Family Planning Clinic was located. The sign said "This entrance is closed for redecoration. For Family Planning, enter from...
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    Never ending INR issues- warning LONG post

    I don't know if that is what happened in the US, but here pharmacies were told, and I received a letter from Roche at home, though because I ordered my meter directly from them perhaps. There have also been a number of posts on here about the recall, including lists of batch numbers affected.
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    Post-op Beer

    CatDad - this is a good example of why having an INR meter, to enable you to do a finger-prick blood test weekly, or indeed more frequently when experimenting, is helpful to see the effects of alcohol and whether you need advice on Warfarin dose or level of alcohol consumption. If you find it...
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    Post-op Beer

    I am glad he had finished operating first! ;)
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    So far, so good – Part Three

    I agree about the value of writing this at the time of going through it - thanks Seaton! The end of this month sees the fifth anniversary of my AVR and already some things are forgotten. I know that you have done a lot of research into this procedure, but I think my two most important things I...