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    Request for more info on generic warfarin brands

    Not sure if these brands are available in the US, but here in the UK my current brands are Almus and Crescent. I understand from comments made on other threads that whilst Warfarin is the generic active ingredient, some people have issues with the fillers used in the tablets, but I have never...
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    New to forum

    Welcome Adam, from another Brit. I have had my mechanical valve for almost 6 years now (and am now 54 years old), and am also a former CAMRA member, who enjoys beers (and wine, gin, Pimms ...) though not all at the same time and yes, mostly in moderation though more on holiday! You are right...
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    Scar treatment

    I am not sure how I would describe fully closed. Is there still redness? Does it feel as if rubbing the skin might cause any tearing apart again? Or that a fluid applied might be able to go through the incision? Hopefully someone has a better way to describe it!
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    Scar treatment

    If the skin is healed you can start applying cream, but I think normally that is at least six weeks. I used Bio Oil daily for some months once mine was safe, and last August at a BBQ I sat next to a guy who had had his surgery less than a month earlier than mine (in Sept 2014) and my scar was...
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    Joining the Valve replacement Family

    Glad it's useful! There are some really good, knowledgeable people on that site, so I feel confident you will get good advice.
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    Joining the Valve replacement Family

    What a great attitude you have, Tanner! Welcome - I am sure you will indeed inspire other young people who have to go through this. If I may offer one word of caution though. Once you are fully healed and hopefully back doing your dream job, resist the temptation to overdo things to prove...
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    Brand-name Coumadin discontinued in US, Canada, Latin America, and Saudi Arabia

    I agree: UK colours are as per the Marevan picture.
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    Saunas & Valves

    I love a hot tub, but only up to about body temperature and then I have been known to wallow for a couple of hours! But much above that and I feel very uncomfortable and feel the need to get out, but that that always been the case for me, even before I had the valve. Your body will move...
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    Brand-name Coumadin discontinued in US, Canada, Latin America, and Saudi Arabia

    I few months ago there was a thread where some of us posted pictures of our Warfarin products. Here in the UK I have been on at least three different brands of it, and never noticed a difference.
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    Cyborg in training

    I realise people may respond differently both to medication and to changes in diet, but just to say: I have never sought to maintain a consistent diet, and if my INR changes a little I just adjust the Warfarin dose to suit it. For example, in the summer months I eat more salads, with their...
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    Post Op Day 4

    If you have a bum on your shoulder I think you have had a different operation .... :ROFLMAO:
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    Post Op Day 4

    I hadn't heard of the arm being tied during surgery before, and whilst I don't know if they did that during my surgery in London over 5 years ago I haven't had any of the issues people have been through here. Hope it is not a common thing. On the point about walking once discharged from...
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    Post Op Day 4

    I remember doing a lot of two minute tasks during my rehab about 5 years ago: step ups, (two mins left leg first, 2 mins right leg first), stretching with resistance bands whilst seated, throwing a baseball.
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    Tissue vs Mechanical

    This comment is not aimed at any tribe, and is said more wistfully than anything, and not to be taken in complete seriousness. But are we not all biased? We are alive thanks to whatever decisions we have made. The people who could really add some useful information here are those heart valve...
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    Warfarin causes dementia?

    I was going to add another complaint I would like to blame on Warfarin, but I have forgotten which one now .... :unsure::LOL: