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Heart murmur heard when I was 20 years old. First echo when I was 21. I was diagnosed with BAV. Echo every two years. Developed mild stenosis and insufficiency. At 37 degraded to moderate stenosis and changed to annual echos. At 38 stenosis was classified as moderate severe. During surgery I developed 3rd degree heart block.

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Temecula, CA , USA
Aortic valve replacement on 1/11/2016 at Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla, CA (USA). I have a St. Jude Regent mechanical valve. My surgeon was Dr. Jeffrey Tyner. 1/16/2016 I had a St. Jude dual chamber pacemaker implanted due to 3rd degree heart bl
Lisinopril 10 mg, Magnesium 500 mg, fish oil, warfarin
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I found it through Google while reading about BAV about 7 years ago.


BAV Diagnosed 1998 / AVR 1/11/16 @ age 38 / St. Jude Regent mechanical / St. Jude pacemaker 1/16/16 @ age 39 due to 3rd degree heart block.