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    Need to educate myself and decide

    Thank you, Howard!! I'm so glad you are doing well!!! My cardiologists told me that since I am 72, that they do not recommend a mechanical valve for older people. He did say if I had one, I likely wouldn't have the need for surgery now, so his thoughts don't quite add up. I will ask the surgeon...
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    Need to educate myself and decide

    I've recently had to ECHO-Stress test, the first 3 months ago showing my heart is declining, the second two weeks ago, and I had better results that the first. However, after asking my cardiologist numerous questions through the portal at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, she called me and said that my...
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    Potential replacement of mitral mechanical to tissue valve, age 40

    I read several of your posts and there is a condition that runs in my family that I learned about last year when Dr's thought my daughter may have MS or lupus. I reached out to family members who were second cousins on my mother's side as she came from a small family and learned of...
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    Tissue Valvers. How Old is Yours?

    I had Mitral Valve repair and am 71, will need to replace my valve soon as it is leaking and going on 16 years of age. I had the Moderna vaccine, both shots. No reaction to #1, reaction to 2nd with all but fever... aches, pains, chills, that started about 8 hours later, lasted about 12 hours or...
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    Dr called with TEE results

    Thank you pellicle. The more I have thought about this, this is my decision and I never have to worry about another surgery. I hope I am granted 20 more healthy years!!!
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    Dr called with TEE results

    Thank you MdaPA for these links. I will certainly ask my surgeon when I meet with them. It would be nice to have another repair, but if not I will go with with the tissue valve and I also have to consider that after this valve is put in, the next one can be done by catheter.
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    Dr called with TEE results

    This is the latest update: Yesterday, 2/11/21, I had a tele appointment with my cardiologist who went over my TEE results and showed me video of my valve. After reviewing she believes that I was born with Barlow's disease and that in the next 1-2 years I will need to replace my repaired valve...
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    9 years post op, bio AVR, now with mild deterioration - question for the other ladies here

    I have a cousin that has costochondrities, until then I had not heard of it. She also has more of the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome symptoms that I learned runs in our family from our maternal grandmothers side. I am meeting with a Mayo Clinic geneticist to see if it will affect me if and when I have...
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    Tobagotwo has died

    So very sorry, prayers for his family.
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    Staying the Course -- December 3, 2020

    My understanding, is that you can change, but you will have to fill out a forms for G and then your conditions are reviewed by an insurance underwriter and they have the right to turn you down. It may be worth sticking with plan F. I have plan G and every year must meet the deductible, which...
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    The End of an Era and a New Beginning

    Thank you, Hank!!! You were so helpful when I first joined this forum in 2005 and I stayed a member for a while. Now, I am back, perhaps facing more surgery, as my robotically repaired mitral valve is now leaking moderately-to severe after 15 years. I am forever grateful to you and this forum...
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    Tee results say no rerepair.

    Thank you so much. I got the call yesterday from Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, my TEE is schedule for Dec 3. Once I get the report I will follow up with how my valve is doing and the recommendation. Thank you for posting this. I do want to live a healthy and long life with the best quality I...
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    Tee results say no rerepair.

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    Tee results say no rerepair.

    Thanks Pellicle!!! Thanks Vitdoc, I will ask about this, but fear it is not an option. I will do whatever it takes though and live my life as healthy as I can!!! As usual, it is the fear of not knowing. The TEE hasn't yet been scheduled. I believe Covid-19 is delaying non-emergency treatments.
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    Tee results say no rerepair.

    I too have a leaking mitral valve after 15 years. I was 55 at the time, I am now 70 years old, I am active, walk from 10-15 miles a week, can do aerobics, dance, etc. My repair was by Davinci robotic surgery, 4 years ago my valve began leaking moderately, it is now moderate to severe. I have...