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Lived in the Atlanta Metro area for most of my life, was married 37 years, divorced. Remarried in 2019 to the man I first met in 1970 and re-met in 2017. He wasn't my first love, nor I his, but I am thankful to be his last love. His job took him to several US cities, and he settled in Ft Myers, FL. We have chosen to live in Ponte Vedra, FL as it was near the beach and good medical care!

I have two children, a son who was born with TET and repaired as an infant and again at age 28. My daughter and son both have had spinal fusion and we've learned that EDS runs in my family. Sadly, it affects my daughter the most.

I retired from being the assistant to the CEO of Inland Securities at age 66, about two years after he did. I am now approaching 72 and a replacement mitral valve surgery.
December 22
Ponte Vedra, FL
MVP Repair Davinci robotic procedure July 27, 2005
Losartan 25mg, lipitor 20mg, Asprin 81mg
I once belonged to this group, and let my membership lapse. I am now facing new surgery with a mechanical valve, 16 years later.