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    So stop skimping on the Vitamin K already

    That’s an interesting idea. Does vitamin K from greens really have a strong effect on INR? The mechanism is plausible because warfarin blocks formation of the active form of vitamin K that is required for blood clotting factors. Just because it is plausible doesn’t mean that it works. Are there...
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    So stop skimping on the Vitamin K already

    I agree with Pellicle, I eat a lot of salads and try to be fairly consistent with frequency and amount. My warfarin doses reflect my salad intake, rather than avoiding to salads to protect a warfarin dose.
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    I can't get no sleep

    Hi AI3x, I hope you have managed to get some more sleep last night. I had a similar unpleasant experience trying to grab some sleep. A few points on reflection: 1) I normally sleep on my side. On my side, I don’t snore. However, I think that I snore/airway obstructs when sleeping on my back or...
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    TAVR in Near Future

    Hope your consult went well. TAVRs are a game changer. Such a quick recovery compared to the old valve replacements. Best wishes
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    Aortic valve replacement problem

    I have my fingers crossed for you. It is reassuring that the last scan was good. Best wishes
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    The numbers game

    You have a plan. I’m guessing that you also have a date. Best wishes. After some time, you will get back to “normal”. You will hopefully be healthier, fitter and taking things less for granted than if the valve problem didn’t occur.
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    first case of amputation due to non compliance with an on x aortic valve

    This sad case shows that for some young people, a tissue valve replacement is the safer way to go. This would also include people who live in small communities far from medical services, for example, outback Australia. Warfarin compliance is more difficult for some people for multiple reasons.
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    Breathing Tube Fear

    Before my operation, I worried about waking up with the breathing tube. I was pleasantly surprised to wake up with no tube and not too much pain. My plan for if I did wake up with the tube still in, was to try to relax and point to the tube. This would show the staff that I was too awake to need...
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    Surgery is Complete

    Hope that your double vision episodes have settled. Sounds like your eyes were each working (good) but temporarily not coordinating properly. Maybe a migraine related event. I occasionally experience these episodes. When I was in hospital, Seinfeld was on TV. I soon realized that I couldn’t...
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    Coumadin & NSAIDs

    Extended use of NSAIDS (anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen, diclofenac) can weaken the stomach’s acid barrier lining. This can lead to ulcers. Stomach/duodenal ulcers (which often bleed) + warfarin = trouble Occasional NSAIDs use is unlikely to be a problem. I do use ibuprofen occasionally...
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    Feels Like Muscle Pain Near Heart

    Hi rich01, I hope that it has all settled down. If it hasn’t, you know your body better than anyone else so get it checked out. As you indicated in your post, I would expect shortness of breath to occur from clots or pericarditis. Common things (muscle pain) occur commonly, however be careful...
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    Life Expectancy BAV Mechanical vs Tissue

    Thank you Bmorgan4 for detailing Glaser's 2021 article. It is reassuring for BAV patients. This design does have a limitation. It compares people who have had surgery. No one who has a serious secondary problem, for example cancer, will be included. The study population is compared against a...
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    Life Expectancy BAV Mechanical vs Tissue

    I think that the paper/editorial numbers sound right. The best paper I could find on this topic was the SWEDEHEART Study (Loss in life expectancy after surgical aortic valve replacement, 2019, vol 74(1), Journal of the American College of Cardiology). This study was big; 23,528 patients. I am no...
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    my time has come

    Pekster11 and PAN, sorry to hear how COVID is disrupting your plans. Hopefully these delays will have little impact to your long term health. Hopefully you don’t develop any nasty symptoms that would force the surgeons into earlier action. Pekster11, that running sounds very encouraging.
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    New to site and pre-surgery for BAV

    Hi NorthWood, Thanks for joining us. Best wishes for your preparations for surgery. I see similar excellent long term results in the journal articles for each modern mechanical valve. There doesn’t appear to be one that should be avoided or one that should be recommended to everyone. Happy to...