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    I am so upset!!

    Hi Mileena46. you don't have medical insurance.are you employ?if not seeinto this http://findahealthcenter.hrsa.gov/ perhaps they can help you.
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    Valve replacement and Crohns Disease

    i notice you live in UK. do you hear about DABIGATRAN ?it may help you change your mind.
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    post op.

    i had #2 open heart surgery for re-do 1 cabg, 1st.mvr.a 27-mm st.jude mech.,modified maze procedure,and plication of left atrial appendage on 9/24/2009 dr.s.hom,md.at garfield madical center,monterey park.cal.usa. my question is, i am experiencing tightness at sternotomy colder weather(below...