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    80 yr old mother had mitral valve replaced

    Last June my Mom had her Aortic valve replaced and a quadruple bypass. She was 3 months shy of her 81st birthday. It takes time. She'll have good days and bad days. Revel in the good and don't let the bad get you down too much. Don't look at getting stronger day by day, look at week to week...
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    Metoprolol (some varieties) Recalled!

    JJAY32, Just a thought; Have you thought of getting one of those weekly pill cases? Then you'll know if you took your meds. They even have them with alarms you can set to go off when you want to take them.
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    Told I need Urgent AVR

    Hi, My Mom had her valve replaced 3 months shy of her 81st birthday. Bovine. The surgery was June 9th. We were scared. My Dad died just 2 weeks before she found out she needed surgery. She didn't even have time to grieve. She was out of the hospital in 1 week. She just finished Cardiac Rehab and...
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    Bad News from Cleveland Clinic

    I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. I am glad you and your doctors are looking at alternatives. Keep feeding the birds! We get such a kick out of them too. Good luck and God Bless.
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    Keep Mark Wagner in your prayers

    God Bless. Good luck and speedy recovery
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    Lost a friend today

    Dear Wxman, I'm sorry your friend Karen is gone. You and she are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless
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    We're new;Husband's AVR in 2 weeks

    Welcome and good luck. There is plenty of great info on this site and so many knowledgeable people here that are happy to answer any questions you may have.
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    A Prayer needed please

    Prayers Prayers Prayers and Blessings to you and your family.
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    Pet Peeve - NO acknowledgement from thread originator

    Manners should not be lacking. Manners should not be lacking. Dear Al, It shows a lack of manners to not thank those that responded to a tread one originates. Perhaps it's from not understanding etiquette or problems or even lack of tread savvy. Then again, it may also be they lack manners...
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    Bad news today

    Congratulations on your anniversary Congratulations on your anniversary Dear Glenda, Congratulations on your 47th anniversary. How wonderful to have found your soul mate so young and to have had so many years together. You have been blessed with your love and your family. I'm sorry you have...
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    aortic valve replacement surgery

    My Mom's experience and she's 20 yrs older than you My Mom's experience and she's 20 yrs older than you Hi Jan, My mother who is almost 81 had her Aortic valve replaced on June 9th. Also a tissue valve.She also had a quadruple bypass! She was in the hospital for 1 week. The day after her...
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    To Grace ..The one who supported me most

    What a beautiful lady! What a beautiful lady! What a lovely tribute you posted. Such a beautiful lady! She was probably even more beautiful inside. You're lucky to have had her in your life and so sad that she's no longer with you. But you'll see her again someday, and she will be just as...
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    Advice on followup care when going home to another state.

    Thanks Everyone! Thanks Everyone! Thanks everyone, that?s kind of what I thought but I needed to ask. The "surgical report" I wouldn't have thought of asking for that. I will get everything and make an appointment to see her primary physician in PA and bring it all. Deb, thanks for your well...
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    Advice on followup care when going home to another state.

    My Mom will be 81 in August. On June 9th she had her aortic valve replaced (bovine) and a quadruple bypass. On June 13th she had a pacemaker installed. She was released to the hospital on June 16th and has been recovering at my house. She is doing pretty well just 4 weeks post surgery. At some...
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    Post Surgical Anger and Depression Problems...

    Can?t see the forest for the trees. Can?t see the forest for the trees. Dear Chris, You say there is no support from your family. Are you sure? From the outside I?d say you are most likely mistaken. I am not guessing at that. I?m pretty sure. I could see it from your wife?s posts. She also...