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    My number was finally called!

    40 years as a nurse and midwife from observing patient interactions I agree ,informed consent is a requirement for surgery seldom seen in practice.
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    Dental hygiene benefits

    Having spent 45 years working as a nurse midwife 💯 nothing new here if it does not fit with the medical model or does not come from within the brotherhood it is ignored belittled or demonised.
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    Even moderate Aortic Stenosis carries high risk of sudden death/complications

    I have been aware of this the last 30 years or so and am pretty sure but I’ll chase it up that the the same results have been repeated
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    Just plain scared

    Hi Jen I was your age and it’s okay t be nervous it’s the unknown t me now is a good time as your young and will still have good kidney and lung function and your heart muscle wise should be good. I was surprised how much better I felt ost p than I thought I would it still took 18 months to eel...
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    gut flora in hospitals

    The faecal transplant I saw on a medical program ( Trust me I’m a Doctor) they put it down a Nasogastric tube and I think she was sedated. A book I found interesting The Microbiome solution by Robyn Chutkan A great film is microbirth missing out on a vaginal birth has long lasting effects. An...
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    Murmur after surgery

    I had a 10 year cardiologist check last week scan ecg and auscultation of heart lungs. She heard a systolic murmur which has always been present post operatively. I asked her about it as I can also hear the murmur. She explained it is due to some normal leaking around the replacement valve and a...
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    TAVR/TAVI: Recall of SAPIEN 3 Ultra Delivery System Due to Burst Balloons During Surgery

    I think the basis of metal verses age comes down to informed choice/ consent the pro’s cons of each side effects ( including those of warfarin). What happens if I do have this procedure? What happens if I decline and what alternatives are there ? Certainly in N Z this is the underlying premise...
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    Auckland City Admissions

    Why can’t he fly ? I flew home from Auckland to Napier no problem in fact the surgeon thought it was a better idea than driving.I had a bentals procedure which included the replacement of the aorta to the hemi arch All the very best
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    Rick erb

    Absolutely agree true informed consent in any procedure the client must understand the pros and cons what is likely to happen if they elect not to proceed, what alternatives ( if any) are available.
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    Writing a idea where to post this!

    How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time !
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    MItral Valve Repair

    Oh not good news 😳
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    MItral Valve Repair

    Good stuff! I’m also in N Z. My surgeon has retired Cheek of it ! Have you heard of any good surgeons in N Z my mosaic porcine valve will need replacement in the next 5 or so years it’s been going strong for 10 years.
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    I had an aneurysm from the annulus fixed at the same time as a tissue valve (Bentals procedure) 9 years ago my choice was influenced by my love of diving and my career involves either shift work or being on call and up all hours I knew that warfarin would be impossible to manage. I’m now 60 I...
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    Tissue Regrets??

    All the best
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