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Surgery on Friday.. How did you keep calm?

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  • Surgery on Friday.. How did you keep calm?

    Hello all,

    It's your local hypochondriac checking in again :p . My surgery is in less than two days and I find myself getting anxiety attacks at times; xanax doesn't help much. How did you all handle your day before surgery? How did you handle the preop before surgery?

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    Things kind of went slo-motion for me in the last 24 hours. I was sure that we had made the right decision, and that the right people were involved. And I was sure that whatever was about to happen, it was waaay better than what would happen if I did nothing. The fact is, what everyone says is true. The surgery itself is the easiest part. All YOU have to do is show up, and other people do all the work. Focus on your part. Psych yourself up now for being in a great mood on the other side, and on being a willing and eager participant in your recovery.
    We're called valve replacement patients, when in fact, the bigger part of what we are is cardiac rehab patients!
    You're in good hands and they'll do every thing they can to make sure that you're starting your process from the best possible place.
    Best of luck, and see you on the other side. (Where you'll be loudly proclaiming to the world that heart surgery isn't half as tough as you'd expect!)


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      Good luck for your operation on Friday

      I had my operation 6 weeks ago

      One way I tried to stay calm was to think of all the positives to the post surgery

      When you will be well and able to do all the things that you currently cant

      Good luck, you will be fine



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        i found that the day of the op i was kinder calm about it all,which supprised me as i am such a cry baby, i think others on here have said the same,about being calm not a cry baby lol,you will be just fine
        had avr replacement feb 2008 tissue valve fitted have got a nice porky pig one so no bacon for me ha ha,on hbp tabs and beta blockers,


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          Oh, I certainly feel for you! For me I found that it was best to keep myself super busy in the days pre-surgery (that and I did a lot of shopping)!!! I also second what others have said here too - focus on what you can control and one of those things is your attitude. During the last couple days pre-surgery, all I focused on was getting better after the surgery and having positive thoughts. Yotphix is so right, on the day of surgery you don't have to do anything but show up!

          Also, when I look back on everything it wasn't so bad.

          One day at a time, you'll be fine!!!

          My thoughts and prayers are with you,

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            Busy is good, but I also found that the last week or so, I was strangely calm. I had already made all of the decisions I needed to make. All I had to do was to be there on time. My fate was truly in the hands of others, and for them it was "just another day at the office."
            Go Class of 2011!

            Steve Epstein
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              Already said, but keep yourself busy the day before. I too found I was strangely calm the morning of. We showed up and I was kind of like "this is it...can't back out now". Good luck with everything.
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                I was all psyched up to be a total wreck for the 2 days before surgery, but then the hospital called me in 2 days early so I didn't
                even have a chance to try out my new tranquilizers. <grin>
                Eat some cake, rent a movie. Best wishes.
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                  First, I know you are a man of faith. Just keep holding on to his hand cause he is not going to take you anywhere that he can't protect you. As everyone has said, try to stay busy. Surgery day, just show up and keep your eyes focused on the wonderful things that you will be able to do once your heart has been mended. What time do you report to the hospital? I too am in California and will be thinking about you as soon as my feet hit the floor tomorrow morning at 5:00am. The waiting is the hardest part. Keep your mind moving in a positive direction. :D
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                    thinking of you and keeping all digits crossed for a speedy recovery


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                      I was very busy prior to my surgery getting ready to be off of work so didn't think much about the surgery.

                      Luckily, I was admitted to the hospital the night before. Friends and family kept me distracted but once they left and I was alone it finally hit me for the first time. I got really scared and started to cry. The nurse came in with a tranquilizer and that knocked me out. In the morning I had another shot that calmed me down so I don't remember much of anything.

                      Best thing is to just focus on how much better you'll feel. Best of wishes for a successful surgery and a super speedy recovery.


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                        I try to remind myself that worrying isn't going to change the outcome (at least not for the better). I spent time with my family and ate all my favorite things for dinner the night before...actually ate waaayyy too much. The morning of the surgery, I was surprisingly calm, and about the time I started to freak out (when they were hooking up the IVs) I was just thing I remember, I was waking up...and now 3 months later, I'm good as new.


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                          Surgery was postponed for Monday at 5am. GAH!!!!!!!!!!! More waiting!!!
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                            Extremely nervous. Mostly about all the things that are going to be sticking out of me when I wake up. I need some reassurance, lol.
                            Visit my Christian blog! DX'd w/ BAV regurgitation @ age 25 (3/2012) -- AVR on June 4th, 2012 w/ On-X mechanical valve.


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                              Well, pgammo, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it seems you may not be enjoying the waiting too much... :wink2:

                              So, I have good news! On Monday, you get to be put asleep for a little while, and when you wake up, there will be no more waiting. It will be over and you will have done it. The worst will be behind you. Sure, recovery will be a challenge, and it will take some effort on your part, but likely for the first time since you found out about all of this, you will feel like you have some real control of your situation again. You get to be in charge of getting better. Now, yes, it's slightly more than a 9 to 5 job, it will take a little overtime, but hey, so does pretty much any job with great benefits. But the point is: once the waiting is over, the return to normal begins. You may be feeling like each day of waiting is getting worse recently...well, pretty soon, each day of recovery will only be getting better.

                              The plan for my last few days was very simple: I did my favorite things with my favorite people. Crazy as this sounds, it was a vacation of sorts. I know it's not easy, but just try to have a little fun tomorrow too. After all, you have the easy job on Monday. Best wishes to you and looking forward to hearing great news from you very soon.
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