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I made it thru to the other side. Surgery was on Friday morning. 2 days in ICU and released to private room early this afternoon. Went well. My surgeon chose the On-X 23mm as best for my anatomy. Took a walk around the floor a few hours ago. Pain management is good and minimal. I believe my previous mini sternotomy was more painful than the full. But they put in 4 drainage tubes this time. 2 were pulled yesterday,
Valver update: OHS Aortic valve replacement surgery #2 was April 25th 2016 to replace my Medtronic Freestyle porcine (lasted 9 years) with a 23mm Edwards Magna bovine valve. Seems fine almost 5 years post surgery. Not sure what my choices are going to be for my next valve update. Love to all my fellow valve replacement brothers and sisters! Godspeed!
Haven't checked in for a while. I've been living in the dream-world of not being a two time OHS aortic tissue valve replacement patient. :)
Feb 11 is my 53 birthday. Life continues. :)
Does Dr Doolabh just do first time AVR or also redo? I would like to explore minimally invasive surgery for the 2nd AVR. Do you have any contacts to reach his lab to find out if I'm an eligible candidate?

I am not sure, but I just messaged you his nurses contact info so you can email her. All the best!
So I had my consult with my cardiologist yesterday and have scheduled to have a surgical consult on Monday and heart cath on Tuesday. Things are starting to get real. God, I wish I could shake this anxiety.
Welcome ... hope lockdown isn't driving you insane
(*hello from Killarney Qld)
NEH, no good stressing it don't solve anything 😂 Good to see another Aussie here 👍
Open heart surgery is a surgical procedure to fix an error or damage in one's heart. The surgery requires the surgeon to open the chest to access the heart. The most common type of open-heart operation is a coronary artery bypass.
TEE was Thursday, Dec 3 at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville. Results: My repaired mitral valve will be replaced with a mechanical one. In 2 months another ECHO and stress test; Then surgery to follow after Covid slows down or there is a vaccine. I am thankful for all that have gone before me here and will learn from your experiences.
Hi Cindy, l had mitral replaced in 1999, all the best n a speedy recovery 🤗
Shobu,I wonder if you still practice martial arts now.What kind of matrial art and how hard can you play?
Hello, I was here 15 years ago, since remarried, moved to a new state and now my congenital defective mitral valve, repaired by davinci robotic procedure is leaking once again. It is leaking moderately to severely. The cardiologist has told me this time I am unable to have a repair, but must have the valve replaced with a mechanical valve. I know you will help get me through this!!
By the way, cp172, where did you have your original surgery? Mine was at St. Joseph's by Dr Doug Murphy. Not that it matters, I just never expected to need surgery again. It is disheartening to learn I likely will, plus I am now older. We do what we must though!!! Take good care of yourself!!!
I had a mitral replaced in 1999 with an ATS carbon fibre 👍
TEE show moderate to severe leak, going back in 3 months for another ECHO and stress test.
Hey Keith.

I have talked to the Cleveland Clinic and they all my info and awaiting a call from Autumn. Since my last message I have had an echo and went from 1.1 to .8. So its time. As a backup I have an appointment with Emory Dr. Babaliaros later in June. Thanks for all the info.. If your ever up Roswell/Woodstock area let me know, Dinner on me!!
I had open heart surgery in October 2016, to replace a bicuspid heart valve...I had severe aortic valve insufficiency & mild to moderate aortic valve stenosis; it was replaced with an OnX mechanical heart valve.
I was pretty much symptom free post surgery until I experienced 2 major GI bleeds (December 2018 & again December 2019).
Anyone else have any GI bleeding requiring hospitalization?
interesting, always good to see innovation in the market. However I belive that its always going to be a small market because
  1. more alternatives (more expensive albeit) are coming on line for non valvers
  2. more OHS is being done with tissue prosthetics and younger Valve Replacement patients were always in the minority anyway.
So far I have nothing but good words for my Roche