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My husband is 32 and needs his mitral valve repaired. He was also born with pectus excavatum that needs fixed as well. An otherwise completely healthy and extremely active individual, is now faced with OHS.
Surgeon & Hospital Shopping- Has anyone here gone with Dr Castro (Sequoia Hospital) or Dr Veeragandham (John Muir Hospital) for their AVR?

Also looking at the Edward’s Inspiris valve model for my aorta valve replacement. Anybody have this model & feelings about it?

I hope you are doing well. I am currently deciding between a repair of my bicuspid aortic valve and the Ozaki procedure. I am very interested in what your thoughts on the Ozaki Procedure are post-op. Thanks.
Bicuspid/aneurism. In the waiting room, getting scanned every three months, alternating an echo with MRI. After 40+ years of monitoring this, the doctors now say it's not a matter of "if," but when. Keeping myself in good physical shape to be ready for the day. Having read these and other forums for years, I'm now much at peace with it.
Why did you closed the board for sharing stories of beginnings. It would help people learning about how people learned about the heart problems and other health issues and why they chose to come to the I think it is nice to introduce ourselves and sharing the stories.
That forum is not closed just that one thread.
Six month mark since TAVR on 1/17/19. After a few episodes of double vision, dizziness and stopping TOPROL XL I'm back to my post op self.... 25 mile bike rides, Planet Fitness every other day and continuing my Martial Arts (TKD) goal of Black Belt this year (now Pre Black Belt, 12 belts one to go). I had TAVR (Edwards trial program) with no symptoms.
Since I'm in Trial for 10 years they don't know. I hear unverified that 10 to 15 years. Good news, if this one goes they could replace....
8 months since TAVR, now experiencing slight dizziness at times... Should I be concerned ?
Didn’t you previously experience dizziness? I wouldn’t be very concerned.
Hi Duffy how are you doing? I remember you from years ago. Hope you are doing well. Nice to be on the VR replacement again. Blessings to you.
Thanks! It is good to see so many old, familiar faces around here! We are blessed to have a forum to share our experiences and friendships on.
Wondering if anyone with mechanical valve have a cat scan with and without contrast. Did you have to take antibiotics before procedure?
Also did anyone have a Cystoscopy ? Did you take amoxicillin before procedure?
I am concerned about infection.
I've on-X mechanical valve in the aortic position and have done cat scan with and without contrast twice after my valve replacement surgery. I did not take amoxicillin before the procedure. However i take amoxicillin before teeth cleaning
Need advice on dental procedure for my daughter who has valve replacement. Extract or root canal ?? She’s been on amoxi for about 3 weeks and is still hurting, can’t open her mouth wide and very tender at jaw under tooth .. I am inclined to just pull them and not have to think about infection creeping back in
I don’t think either a dentist or oral surgeon will do an extraction until the infection is completely cleared. I would ask them what they advise long term. Extraction may be the best option.
Mitral Valve replacement 6/16 Northwestern University Chicago, Dr Patrick McCarthy
DDubs, new to the forum. Did you have the Ozaki Procedure after all was said and done?
Yes, I am back and once again in the waiting room. On 30 April, I expect to have TAVR and a new Medtronic CoreValve. It's sort of a bummer that the CE Bovine didn't make to event 10 years but these things do happen. If we could have controlled it, we would be here chatting. It is nice to see that there are several people still around whom I recognize.

Hi, Don, if you are still reading responses, I would like to hear how things have gone with you. Later this month, my Cardiologist will place a Medtronic CoreValve in the ring of my Edwards Bovine Pericardial. So far, I've not encountered anyone with any experience of the Medtronic valve. Hoping to hear from you.

Larry in Tulsa