Wife's liver ultrasound result

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Aug 8, 2008
Palm Beach County Florida
Our primary doctor said the ultrasound showed a cyst. He's ordering an MRI.

Got the appointment already. Next Thursday, 8:15 am at the cough...cough....same testing center. I'll go with Leonita again to ride shotgun. What will it be this time $15.62 or 169.40 like they asked rather than the $15 co-pay in 2005 for a MRI. Or will be it be in between?

I hate waiting for tests and test results.

I hate waiting for tests such as this. Best wishes and let us know when she receives the results.
Waiting is bad, but try to concentrate on positive thoughts. And now with your experience with the pre-payments, you should not go over $15 :D
Good luck with the results and copayment.
I hope all is well with your wife. Good luck and try not to worry. My sister had a cyst on her liver and found out it wasn't anything to worry about. He gave her the option to remove it during gallblader surgery and she chose to have it removed. I hope this helps alittle. God bless