What happens if I sever my finger?

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Aug 10, 2010
Yes, I'm trying to ignore this reasonable man.

Perhaps I'm too close to the Coag-Sense meter's ability to test INR above 5 (although my INR hasn't reached that level, fortunately).

I was told (by a person at Coag-Sense FWIW) that some clinics that get results with the CoaguChek that are over 4.0, repeat the test with the Coag-Sense to confirm the value. The Coag-Sense is supposed to be accurate to higher values because it tests the actual physical clotting time, rather than using impedance or resistance (or some other electronic change) to determine INR.

Personally, I've used my Coag-Sense to check against what seemed like inaccurate lab results - and I've seen quite a few lab errors - and my results are pretty consistent with my earlier tests (all in the 2 - 4 range).

As I've said in earlier posts, I have more confidence in my meter than I do in many labs. The meter manufacturers have a lot more to lose if their results are wrong than a lab with a new technician who doesn't know how to handle the blood or a lab that has a 'bad day.'

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