Vertigo, Visual Disturbances and 'wobbly' feeling

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Aug 10, 2010
Pekster11 - that's interesting. I'm taking Plavix now, which does a similar thing to platelets as aspirin does. This doesn't seem to prevent the auras for me. I'm glad that aspirin seems to prevent these episodes in SOME of us.


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Apr 4, 2016
Orlando, Fl
I have read all the posts on this thread. Have not looked back at all the other threads that the phenomena of migraine auras after surgery has been discussed. Wanted to repeat my experience and update. Hx of migraines with aura which were severe since age 14. Occurred only once or twice a year. Then at about age 30 had only the aura with scintillating scotoma and sometimes numbness of finger on one hand and numbness of lips on one side and slightly drooping mouth. These occurred through the years. I never had the numbness again after about age 40. Auras occurred about once every three or four months and I would not pay much attention to them. Aortic valve replacement and ascending aorta aneurysm repair in 2015 at age 70. Did very well except for the migraine auras. They occurred initially every day or two. Went 1 year without a seven day period without one. Again having the numbness and drooping mouth like when I was young. Gradually a little less frequent. Tried all to the dietary restrictions I could find and always wearing sun glasses outside. avoiding flashing lights when possible. Only thing I found was that seemed to more often than not occur when I was exercising. I built up to walking 5 miles in less than 15 minutes per mile. Still had them at other times even waking me at night. Cut back and even stopped exercising at all for a while. Not much improvement but a little less frequent. When started back exercise again. Seemed like after three or four days, I would always get another while exercising. So, when I have a migraine I do less than otherwise for a week or so and then go my full five miles again. Now take water and wear one of those arctic hats. I don't walk as fast as I used to. Have also seen neurologist, and discussed with the surgeon, cardiologist and pcp. None had even heard of this problem. I have found solace in this site, seeing that others have had same problem. Have kept a log for two years and there is improvement but very slowly. Down about 35 per year. First year was probably over a hundred. Have noticed that I really don't feel normal for a day or so after one of these spells with "brain fog". This may always have been the case, but when uncommon I probably didn't notice. I have have given up on solution, but hope that they get less common. I have not had the drooping mouth or numbness in over a year. I appreciate all the input about this and continue to look for info.

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