tomorrow is ONE YEAR!


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hi all!
wouldn't you know it, tomorrow is joey's one year anniversary and he woke up this morning feeling flutters. he's been on amiodarone all this time and fine... he said he had a weird dream and upon waking felt very "edgy" (which is usually how he feels when we know he's in afib)... anyone experience a breakthrough bout of afib like this? i guess this is not a good sign, right??
any suggestions, comments, feedback????? anyone know off hand where we go from here if amio doesn't work?
i wonder if he is more likely to develop clots after his rp as opposed to presurgery when his cardio used to let him go about 24 hours before starting the coumadin...
any info on this would be so appreciated.
thank you all so much for all your support, sylvia


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Congratulations to Joey and you on his 1st Anniversary. Celebrate and enjoy life and I wish Joey many more happy and healthy anniversaries!


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Oh dear me. Know you won't wait to have this checked out. And on his one year anniversary! My thoughts for you both today - please keep us posted. Prayers. God bless


Hi Silvia,

Sounds like the first thing you need to know is IF he is really in A-fib...

Did you check his pulse? I find it better and easier to listen on a stethoscope rather than using a finger on an artery. This also makes detection of skipped beats and extra beats easier to detect.

If his Heart Rate is over 150, then there is a good chance he is / was in A-fib. I had 3 events post-op, all of which converted to Normal Sinus Rhythm (NSR) after around 3 hours. If his HR does not convert after several hours (or a day), then it is probably wise to go to the ER.

Hope all goes well.



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hi nicole, hensylee (ann), and al,
thank you all so much for your speedy replies! would you believe that i did check his pulse and surely it seemed pretty regular, but nice and slow_ so, al, definitely not racing or up to 150 at all_ and i did detect a faint irregularity, but clearly not full fledged afib like he used to get.
10 minutes after i posted, he called me to tell me that they went away!!!
someone must be watching over us.
very strange.... has anyone ever heard of this while on amiodarone?
i also urged him to start taking magnesium. i have read enough here to believe that it is truly effective. he did that too.
thank you all again; you are all so supportive and sensitive.
hope you are all well, sylvia


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Hi Sylvia-

You'll have a double anniversary celebration, the surgery and the departure of the afib.

The arrythnias came and went before I had a chance to comment on it. I'm so glad it worked out.

Joe has chronic afib and I guess he always will. I'm sure it must be taking away portions of his heart function. There are times when he's in normal sinus mode. Perhaps his pacemaker keeps it from being too bad. He's learned to live with it.

I hope that's the last of the problems for Joey!

Take care,


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Sylvia - may I suggest you do a search on amiodarone (cordarone) on the internet. This is a drug worth being educated about. God bless


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I only had Afib 3 days after surgery..Would have never known if nurse had not come in and told me...What are they..Fast beating of your heart. When I take my b/ tells what the pulse rate is..usually 70..Syl..Do you have the blood pressure gauge that tells his pulse after blood pressure..?Bonnie PS. Happy first Joey..I will be 6 monts next Wed. the 25th..Fat and sassy..Hubby says I am getting back to old self..Mean:p Bonnie


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Hi Hensylee-

You are so right. I would like to ask anyone who wants to read my daughter's first post (Suzanne Alami) regarding her mother-in-law, who was on Amiodarone in Morocco, and never monitored in several years. It almost cost her her life. She ended up with pulmonary fibrosis and all of the other complications to one degree or another.

She is now in this country and awaiting mitral valve surgery.

Sylvia, I know that Joey is being well monitored, this wasn't meant for you guys. Just a cautionary note.

Bill Hall

Sylvia - Congratulations to you and Joey for the one year anniversary. I was afib for one month after surgery. It seems that I did have strange heartbeats before it went back to normal. I was also on Amiodarone. The doctor took me off the Amiodarone a few weeks later, but told me to stay on the coumadin for two additional months, just in case the afib returned.


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thanks all!
after that little bout of "flutters" without fast heartbeat (we're still not sure what they were), joey has been fine.
he'll mention it to his cardio when he sees him next week.
thank you all for your well wishes. i can't believe it's been a whole year!!! wow!!!
i bought a heart shaped cake and we're celebrating later_ i think he'll be surprised.
you have all been so crucial in my surviving this year without a total breakdown... thank you so much for being part of my (our) life (lives). you all mean so much to me, words cannot describe how grateful i am for you.
please all stay well. God bless, sylvia



Saw your post under my thread and noted the date was one year anniversary. One GREAT milestone. Sorry to see about the A-fib or flutter ever, seems this must be somewhat common and manageable(thank the good lord). My thoughts and best wishes go to you both what a stressful year this must have been for you, maybe it will be smoother during year 2, I hope.

And do I ever second your thoughts about every one here at, I think I would have resorted to drugs without everyone's support-People are better than drugs any day.



Hey Joey and Sylvia

Hey Joey and Sylvia

See what a lame-o I am. I never reaad the posts anymore.
Congrats Joey! You made it. Hope you are feeling great!