Tissue Regrets??

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Apr 20, 2019
Let's not forget guys and gals that it's not all about tissue and mechanical any more there is a breakthrough on polymer valves. There is an engineer who has devised a way of making a polymer that will bend one way but not the other. So a valve can be made to open oneway but not leak back. The valves are already being tested at high speeds so they can get a 1/2 a million beats in a 6 month period. They are also running many of these at the same time so as to get a clear picture of how the valves will fare over a long period. The engineer in charge is expecting these to be used within a few years rather than decades. No blood thinners needed either. I had my large bovine done 18 months ago and I am hoping by the time I am in need of a new one that there is a valve that will last 30 years and can be fitted and forgotten that is not mechanicaI. I really dread having ohs again although it saved my life. ( I collapsed while exercising age 53 and was told it was bicuspid from birth. It was so blocked I was held in hospital until it was done. Thanks to the Royal Brompton.) I'm only just coming to terms with it all mentally really, which I believe will also be a lot easier in the future decades, when surgery will be minimally invasive and a valve popped in place that needs no drugs or further work barring something extraordinary. It will come.
This was part of the decision process I had when I made my decision last month. I knew medical advances would come, but would they come in a way that would make it worth going with a tissue valve. I decided that mechanical was tried and true and odds were in my favor of one and done. I hope this polymer works out, but I would likely still want a proven (years of history and stats) which is why when they kept telling me TAVR would be 90% likelyfor me if I went tissue and I look at the the track record is not there yet on TAVR I said no think I'll deal with Coumadin which so far has been easy to work with.

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