Switched from name brand Coumadin to Jantoven 7 days ago and now have nausea

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Apr 22, 2014
Va, Fairfax County
All but one of your results are within range. Even the 2.3 is close enough to just see if it is a trend at the next testing. At least that's what my clinic used to say.

I do not have aortic dilation but was told to avoid holding your breath during exercise or lifting. I do isometric exercises and was specifically told to avoid those that include holding your breath. I was told that holding your breath during exertion puts un-needed strain on your valve assembly. I had a BAV replaced with a mechanical valve.
Thank you for the information. I was 2.5 again today. I expect my docto won’t change my dosage even though I wish I was testing a bit higher. I did have my 2 salads a day that I wanted.