Staying the Course -- May 5, 2020

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Apr 21, 2005
Coastal Carolina
Greetings! Hope one and all are staying their courses safely while continuing to be at least reasonably happy during these pandemic times.

A bright spot for my wife and me is the decision of our daughter and granddaughter to move here from Tennessee into our neighborhood just a few blocks away. They'll make the move in next few weeks. In their new home, they will have a beautiful view out their back porch of a large lake inhabited by swans, geese, ducks, and egrets. Since my son and his bride live in a beach house just one town over, we'll have all the kids and 4 grandkids all close by. That is a real blessing for we grandparents, and a source of help for us as we deal with the challenges of aging. And there will be plenty of opportunities for us all to commune with Nature.

I've loved all the discussions here over the past few weeks. I don't have any thoughts of my own to add right now, but the floor is open always here. For regulars and newcomers alike.

Stay the Course!

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Aug 6, 2019
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Mathias and I shared margaritas and tacos tonight...I made salsa and guacamole and we had ourselves a taco bar and maybe too many margaritas. He just went back to work 2 weeks ago even though WA is still in lockdown. He is nervous about it, but its nice to feel a sense of normalcy.

You know what's funny? We got married on February 29th, but because of the shut down, we have no idea if our paperwork has been processed and if we are actually legally married! No biggie to us at this point, we will figure it out when/if things settle.

I used my quarantine time off to start a vegetable garden and take care of a young kitten with mobility issues... he has limited use of his back end in general. But man, is he a sweetie! Our dog absolutely loves caring for kittens, so we've all been relatively happy here. Sometimes it's hard for us to keep our mentality positive, but we have our home and each other so we are doing better than many.

I hope everyone is faring well during the pandemic. It's such an uncertain time for all of us. I'm happy to have what I have. Much love to you all.


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