Staying the Course -- May 19, 2020

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Apr 21, 2005
Coastal Carolina
Life is hectic. So let there be life. That's better than life being deadly dull, right?

Stay the Course, all ye steadfast Coursers!

So my daughter has closed the deal on a house within a half-mile of us in our very 'hood. But she can't move from TN for another two weeks. So I am looking after the property as best I can. That's hectic. Overseeing changing of locks, stuff that needs fixing, grass that needs cutting....But it is a good hectic. Will be good to have more family in the area.

Zeroing in meanwhile on fix-up of our humble abode. Thousand and one details. But in process have prettyified our place a bit, so that's progress right?

Poor dawg hasn't gotten as much walking as usual. Will try to make it up to her between raindrops after dinner.

Core Fitness Club re-opened this week, but at my advanced age, I don't feel as though I'd be quite at home in class there right now. Not that I would be unsafe but that I would make others uncomfortable in their realization that old folks like me are most at risk. Maybe by this summer or fall, I will return.

So feel blessed by arrival of every new day, with opportunities to stay the course in a sprightly way.

Wishing all the best for all of you proceeding upon your courses.



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Jul 11, 2016
Southern California USA
I had my yearly cardiologist appointment yesterday and he said my valve sounded great, was working as it should. He was also happy with my cholesterol from last fall and that I'm walking/running regularly. I bet I'm not his "normal" patient. The tissue valve will be 8 this summer.
Still working from home and will find out more in a Thursday all hands meeting.
Weather is nicer and I'm spending some time in the yard. I'm working on weeding and removing unwanted bushes. Half of our lot is a slope that's mostly growing wild.
Tonight is running night and I'm planning on trying to run. This past week I slightly pulled a hamstring. Our dog lives to hunt bunnies and when she sees one she want to chase it. Going from 0 to 60 behind the leash is what caused the pull. Luckily it's not bad and I should be able to run some.
Stay the course and stay safe and sane.


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Aug 23, 2018
Virginia US
Getting ready to "paint my house". First I have to do a little brick repair. I started trimming back all the shrubs around the house, Trying to cut them back at least a foot from the house so I can get in to paint. I have to remove shutters, awnings, and everything else attached to house, then pressure wash so I can get the brick good and clean before painting.

I'm going to paint with a product from a company called Romabio. It is a whitewash type mineral product that you can either put on as a solid cover or wash it partially off to let some brick show through. It will probably take me at least a month to get everything prepped, painted, and put back together.

Two years ago I was hoping to sell my house and move down to gulf coast. Then I learned I had to have my aortic valve replaced, so put off putting house on market. Now with Covid-19, the housing market is pretty slow, so I decided I might as well fix the house the way I want it. I still hope to sell, but who knows how long Covid-19 might be around.

Paleowoman Supporter Supporter
Jun 14, 2010
Surrey, UK
Still enjoying the stunning good weather here in England. Lots of vitamin D from the sun. Still in lockdown but getting our shopping delivered no problem. Keeping up my walking exercise indoors and doing weight lifting too. No doctors or dentists yet, they don’t see people except for emergencies or over the phone or video link. I’d normally have my annual echo and cardiologist appointments in May but secretly glad that I’m not having those appointments now :D


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Dec 26, 2002
Chicago area
Still waiting for the good weather here. The past few days we have had some record-breaking rainfall and flooding. For Chicago, this May is the wettest May in recorded history. . . and we're not finished yet. For the past three years, the month of May has been getting wetter, and wetter and wetter. The grass loves it, but now I have to cut it twice a week or the mower just stalls out.

Can't get outdoors to exercise much, either. About all I can do is walk. Often it is too cold or windy or rainy to even bring out the bicycles. Our climate is changing. Our winters haven't been very bad, not too cold, not as much snow as we used to get. On the flip side, though, summer starts later and later every year. It is in the 80's F now, but will again cool off during the coming week. It won't settle into decent temperature ranges until June. That used to occur in early May. This rain bit, where it clouds up and rains every day for weeks, never used to happen either.

Between "shelter-at-home" and weeks of rainy days, I think I'm losing my grip on sanity. . .


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Aug 10, 2010
It's going to hit 100 this week, here in the Los Angeles area. It seems early to have heat that high - we usually get it in July, August and September.

Maybe the reduced use of cars will help to slightly mitigate the environmental damage, slightly, but this is probably a drop in the climate damage bucket.

I'm not sure which I'd prefer, if I had a choice -- a lot of rain, or temperatures that are unbearable without air conditioning.

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