Staying the Course -- April 14, 2020

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Apr 21, 2005
Coastal Carolina
In the early morning hours of Easter Monday, a powerful springtime storm inflicted a lot of pain on South Carolinians. Communities from the Blue Ridge foothills to the Atlantic coast took hits from a several major tornadoes. One of them struck about 30 miles north of Charleston, then headed up the coast, up our way. Fortunately, it veered slightly east when it reached our county, heading out into the ocean, and missing us by maybe 5 miles. These twisters killed at least nine people, and caused massive property damage, but we were spared. The weather radio crackled warnings for hours in the predawn darkness. I am saddened for the horrific losses so many suffered but grateful we were spared this time.

We did receive wind gusts approaching tropical storm speed. So checking the backyard later in the day, I was amazed to find the nest I had been watching a female cardinal build twig by twig for a week had survived intact. It is wedged into a fork in one of our fig trees, and is so large you'd think this mama-to-be fancied a two-story house. When time comes, she will incubate her eggs for 11 to 14 days while the papa cardinal does some work finally by feeding her. When the chicks arrive, they will share the feeding duties. About 10 days after hatching, the redbird chicks start getting flying lessons.

It has been a joy to watch this renewal of life unfold. The nest is only maybe 5 feet from my bedroom window, and it is adjacent to the backyard patio, so I can see a good bit of what's happening without being an intrusive human.

What a blessing it has been to follow this saga. For a while I forget about the virus and threats to public health and economic well-being. Here, in my now-peaceful backyard is reassurance that life goes on.

Hope our Coursers are doing as well as can be during these challenging times.

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Jun 20, 2015
Outside Houston, Texas.
I’m checking in SB!

I read the storms killed 33 people. And there are now people without homes in which to shelter in place.

I just count my blessings each days and say prayers of gratitude that my little world is OK. I’ve been able to work from home and draw a paycheck. So far my flight attendant daughter hasn’t contracted COVID19. As an introvert I’m pretty much in heaven being able to stay home.

Nice to see you Anne 😊


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Jul 11, 2016
Southern California USA
All is well here. I'm still working from home but I think I'll go in a couple half days next week.
Walking or running every day. Weight is still down. We're only eating two meals a day. Not that hungry.
The rain finally stopped and it was nice out the last 2 days. I hear rain on Friday. I'm looking forward to warmer weather.
We were able to see our daughter and the family on Easter. Unfortunately it was for only about a half hour. We might visit them next week when I go to work. They said they would set up the back yard for social distancing. We'll just use the side gate to go back there.
Everyone stay safe and find a way to stay active.

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Jun 14, 2010
Surrey, UK
As an introvert I’m pretty much in heaven being able to stay home.
Thats probably why I'm okay staying at home too honeybunny 😊😊

It's eactly four weeks now since my GP told me to self isolate and to not go out, other than into our garden. Of course I have DH for company, and our son phones most days for support. Our grocery shopping is brought to the front door and is mostly okay. I do laps of our house for walking everyday and lift weights so that is hopefully keeping fit. The weather has been beautiful with sun every day - lots of extra vitamin D which helps with the immune system !

Stay safe everyone !


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Sep 29, 2004
Far side of the moon
@Superbob, our son and daughter in law are in Chattanooga, and one of the horrible Easter tornadoes struck a mile from their apartment. They are now helping with clean up efforts there and in surrounding communities. We have done pretty well through our state’s shelter in place order. My husband is suppose to assist in a high-risk -for-coronavirus-contamination-procedure tomorrow at the hospital so our circumstances might change. Hopefully the Covid-19 patient will improve enough today that the procedure will be postponed if not cancelled. As for staying the course, I am riding my stationary bike and pulling garden weeds. Exciting stuff! And Tobagotwo reports that his TAVR has proved to be very successful. I think his results bode well for those of us who anticipate a future valve replacement.

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