Staying the course 9/17/18

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Jul 11, 2016
Southern California USA
OK, I fudged the date in the title. It's already Thursday and no posts!
SB, bet you have had enough rain. Hope you kept dry and are doing well. It was great to hear you Dr. report was positive news.
Here in So Cal it's cooling off and the weather is near perfect. We could use a little rain.
Plank report: I don't do planks. SB will need to share his wisdom.
My wife and I went to the San Jose area this past weekend for a wedding that had a Renaissance theme. We had to dress up and it was lots of fun. Behind the hotel was the Los Gatos Creek Trail and we did walks and runs daily. I surpassed the 400 mile mark of walking and running this year. Not close to my yearly goal but it is what it is.
Lost a couple pounds that seem to be gone for good. The scale goes up and down so I hope the down and up are a little lower.
It's almost the weekend so I hope to read some more posts from the rest of you busy Coursers. Martin


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Oct 3, 2009
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Started my week with a 10k run. Then a couple four mile walks. Then a “Body Pump” class. A spin class last night. Date night tonight (because we earned it). Hope to get a couple workouts in this weekend. Happily maintaining the course.

I do hope SB and family/friends are okay down there. We don’t often get truly devastating weather up here. Just really annoying.


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Apr 21, 2005
Coastal Carolina
Sorry it's been a wild, weird week. When I get a chance later today I plan to blog about our adventures, and I can put a link here in case anyone wants details. In short, we evacuated north to Richmond, where we spent a week including most of a day dodging tornadoes spawned by Florence. A historic outbreak for Richmond -- a dozen or so tornadoes, a few staring us right in the face. Anyway, son stayed at our home, which seems to be okay, except large hole in our back fence, which son didn't realize til our two retrievers escaped through them late one night. Fortunately, a kind night-owl neighbor helped him corral them. So will have to go out with them for their pee breaks and shoo them away 'til can get fence repaired.

Getting back home was a huge problem. Sections of I-95 are flooded and will be closed at least another week. Major inland flooding that is getting worse by the day. To skirt I-95, we took a very long end-around through Greensboro, Charlotte, Columbia and (ironically) Florence SC, only to arrive in Conway about an hour after they had closed the big bridge taking you into the Myrtle Beach area. So they detoured everyone last night across a small bridge leading over the Waccamaw River (which is flooding now with peak next week) -- which resulted in epic traffic jam -- took us 3 hours to move about four blocks to get in line to get over the bridge. We did finally, we're here, we are waaaaay more fortunate than the many in the Carolinas who have lost everything in this monster hurricane -- their homes and in some cases their lives, tragically.

So that is it in a nutshell. I was too busy trying to find re-entry travel routes (not to mention evading tornadoes) to start this week's thread. Thanks to Martin (and Superman) for stepping up. Oh and I find out this morning, the remnants of Florence may come together into another tropical storm and head for Flo's favorite spot, the Carolinas, next week. Probably "just" tropical rain, not hurricane-force winds, but rain is not something anyone around here needs right now.

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