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Dec 16, 2015
Rochester Mills, PA
First to write something? I don't want to viewed as replacing SB, for he is unique in his own right. However, I did want to share this one minor observation regarding weight loss.

Don't get comfortable.

For a fair amount of time, I have had a goal of loosing 10 pounds. An reachable goal. However, since last winter, I have not made progress. I was disappointed, but tried to stay the course of eating healthy and eating less.

Then a week ago, after having a nuclear heart stress test, I found myself fighting diarrhea, which I felt may have been attributed to a side effect to the drugs they gave me to light up my blood, or put me in stress. My research on that was inconclusive, but in any case, I found myself loosing about five pounds due to the diarrhea. Now, I don't recommend you go out and find a case of diarrhea to loose weight. It's not a good plan.

But, after it got better, I still found myself five pounds lighter. I felt much better. With my slightly smaller belly, my belt tighter, I felt great. Lighter on my feet, able to move faster and I could play stick with my dog easier.

I felt so good, that I told myself it won't hurt to eat that dish if ice cream, or have some potato chips.

Wrong! Don't do it.

Loosing weight and keeping it off is not a one time effort or a case of diarrhea, but a life change in eating and exercise habits.

I am still five pounds lighter and have five pounds more to reach my goal. Then, I will celebrate my new body and stay there for a while. I will then set another goal - to loose another five or ten pounds and stay the course.

Hope you are staying the course as well.

Just wanted to share the thought: Don't get comfortable, but stay the course.

What is your small progress or thought?


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Dec 26, 2002
Chicago area
I know what you mean, Fred. I track my weight daily, and have ever since my valve replacement. I find that my weight gain or loss seems to happen in jumps, not that gradual slide they tell us to aim for. I sometimes find myself too busy to eat my regular diet, and during these times I lose a couple of pounds. All it takes, though, is a day or two of snacking or stress-eating, and the weight is back. I've been working all summer to lose 5 pounds, and the only way I've managed to do it is to control portions at breakfast and dinner, and to be too busy to eat a real lunch. During the summer, I always seem to be running around to somewhere, doing something, taking walks after dinner (instead of snacking in front of the TV or computer). . . I'm just a lot more active in nicer weather.

Now that I am semi-retired, I will have to continue working on this through the winter. I have already ramped up my gym time from 30 minutes to 45-60 minutes, 5 days per week. This may not be a huge increase, but it has to help.

I think, for most of us, weight management (notice that I don't say "control") is a long-term process, and not a simple one. We have to balance our intake, activity, types of foods and activities, portion sizes and all that. Then there's our ever-advancing age as it affects how our bodies work. And life has a habit of getting in the way of progress, too.

We can never coast. We have to keep working at it - no matter how successful we have been in the past. It is a lot more difficult to maintain my weight now that I'm in my 70's, compared to how it was in my 50's and 60's.

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Jun 14, 2010
Surrey, UK
epstns;n884928 said:
Bueller? Bueller? Anybody here?

Fred - are we all alone out here? Have we reached the end of the internet?
I'm here :) Readng the posts on the forum every day. Not much to say. Waiting for my shoulder pain to improve. Waiting for my son to get better help. A little snippet of news: the cardiac surgeon who did my AVR has been mentioned in the British press - there is a "toxic feud" between the cardiac surgeons at St George's Hospital, Tooting, London (the NHS hospital where she works). This is now being investigated as the hospital's mortality rate in cardiac surgery is higher than other cardiac surgery hospitals, apparently due to the "feud" between the surgeons. I know no more at the moment but am not surprised.

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Feb 16, 2015
SF Bay Area, California
I'm here, though I only speak up if I have something to say that someone else hasn't already said better.

One thing I'm curious about here at Staying the Course is people's emphasis on the role of exercise in losing weight. Does it really make that much difference? I agree that regular exercise is vital for many reasons, but it takes so much exercise just to work off one brownie that I thought diet (i.e. what and how much you eat, not a formal "diet") was by far more important if your goal is weight loss. What do you Course-rs think?


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Nov 4, 2012
Queensland, OzTrayLeeYa
Warrick;n884934 said:
If you post some kim kardashian stye pics you might be able to break it.....
Kim is in reality just an avatar that this lady uses for income to fuel her softdrink addiction

Agian sent me this from a date they were on (sorry mate)


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Jun 10, 2013
Adelaide, South Australia
pellicle;n884933 said:

and no, the end of the internet is just over there (points towards mountains).... its a few days walk....
We had a kid in our class:
Teacher: Did you finish your homework?
Kid: Yes
Teacher: OK, where is it?
Kid: In my locker
Teacher: Go get it then
Kid: I can't
Teacher: Why not?
Kid: Haven't got the key
Teacher: How are you going to get into your locker?
Kid: I'll have to wait till my girlfriend's dog shits out the key.

Such talent is rare in today's kids.


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Jul 11, 2016
Southern California USA
I'm here, nothing to report. Busy with work during the week. I read the posts but no time to post myself. The weather has been a little cooler this week so fall is around the corner. I took a jacket to work this week. No weight loss to report and little walking. Tuesday night after dinner I sat on the couch with my laptop and our dog immediately jumped up and started biting at the laptop to get me to put it away and take her for a walk. She got me out for a 30 minute walk. I had to deal with the Valsartan recall this week where I had trouble getting a refill. Hope that's all behind me now. Labor Day is Monday here in the US. Official end of summer. I hope everyone had a good week.


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Dec 27, 2015
New Zealand
I’ve only worn jeans two or three times in the last few yrs, They seem to get tighter everytime, I had a work thing the other night, when I got home I told my wife I think I need to buy some “fat” jeans, need to get that sorted out. Its just so conveniant to eat “junk food” lately
and its hard to drive in really tight jeans...


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Jun 20, 2015
Outside Houston, Texas.
Zoltania , my daughter told me that she runs so she can eat a piece of chocolate cake. I skip the cake so I don’t have to run!

Fred, I agree wholeheartedly with your advice. Several months ago I weighed in at 149 and change for the first time in years thanks to taking control of my diabetes. And I made the same excuses about treating myself to goodies since I’d hit that milestone. This morning I weighed in at 154+ and have been bouncing between that weight and 152+ since that one-time low weight. I’m trying to do better but it’s still a battle.

On a good, IMO, note, it’s comforting to know that you and Steve are battling to lose those few extra pounds. I’ve felt discouraged in the past when guys have made a single diet change such as giving up soda and had substantial weight losses while women generally have a harder go of it We can do it!


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Oct 7, 2016
Good Friday Morning. Talk about late to the party :( I almost didn't post as I am still living that dream. Normal to day.....nothing is happening....and loving every minute of it!!!

I agree on the exercising to lose weight doesn't work for me. On the other hand that exercising is priceless in many other ways. I also agree with the statement "sitting is the new smoking"! I feel better all the way around from stretching exercises and walking each day. Some days I add more and for sure will this winter as I tend to be lazier on those short days. That body that stays in motion, stays in motion and that body at rest STAYS at rest.

Nothing else to add here. Going out of town for the long weekend and see ya next week. Stay the course!

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