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Apr 21, 2005
Coastal Carolina
Welcome one and all. Well Ellie Dawg and I just took a walk at 8 p.m. with "real-feel" temp (heat index) still at 96 (F). Had a strawberry-banana smoothie afterwards -- and needed it! Kinda worried about getting strange signals from my heart, aneurysm related, but wasn't too bad. I find if I take out my partial denture before walking on days like this, I can breathe better. Of course it will be out during the surgery, so that's good.

What's bad is that lightning hit my son's office at the big baseball complex he runs, and it burned to the ground. Lost are hundreds of posters of visiting major-leaguers personalized for him, along with (even worse) pictures and certificates, etc of his three kids (our-grandkids) at fun times -- many playing baseball, basketball, soccer, football, and swimming. Can replace many of the pro players' jerseys/pix etc but family archives will be tested to find replacement pix of the kids.

Oh well, most important, no one was hurt -- well, except for one policeman who was injured rushing to help, but he's okay (thank goodness!) and out of hospital this morning.

As my son noted in TV interviews, important thing is we (including thousands of kids playing at the complex of fields) and all the rest of us move on and make new great memories.

Hope all our Coursers are doing well.




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Apr 3, 2019
Australia (Sunshine Coast)
My cataract surgery re-do on the left eye went well and the IOL has remained in place at least so far almost four weeks out. Not much else happening here but enjoying the summer.
Glad to hear it went well.

Just had my second cataract surgery yesterday. First eye had better than 20/20 the day after surgery but has regressed a little a week later as the eye continues to heal. Depending on each individual it can take up to 6 weeks for vision to stabilise although my research has found many others who have taken longer again. Supposeably this is not unusual especially in patients like me who were very short sighted. The implanted lens (typically 1 mm) position can change slightly as the surrounding area heals and shrinks wraps around it given the removal of the native lens leaves roughly a 4 mm space.

No complications otherwise, at least not so far. The operation itself after getting setup in day surgery only takes around 10 minutes. A non event really, I find going to get dental work done worse in comparison and I don’t get a good feed afterwards:). Although the concern about the outcome and risks of eye surgery is more worrisome. No pain later except a scratchy feeling in the eye on the day of surgery.

Otherwise taking it easy to minimise any risk to eyes. A couple of weeks then hope to be getting back to normal exercise routine.


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Sep 29, 2004
Far side of the moon
Superbob, I’m so sorry to learn of the devastation to Bobby’s office and the loss of family photos. What a terrific shock it must have been. Skeptic and Gordo, glad to hear that your cataract surgeries went well. I haven’t had to deal with cataracts yet, but I’m reassured by your accounts. I was finally able to start riding the stationary bike and using the resistance bands, yesterday. I feel so much better when I’m in an exercise routine so I hope I force myself to continue. We’ll see!

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