Staying the Course -- 04/01/2019

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Apr 21, 2005
Coastal Carolina
Okay, I am about 99.99% sure that I have just been through my second nerve-wracking false alarm with my valve/root replacement device being mistaken by cardios and imaging techs for an ascending aortic aneurysm. Last time was 10 years ago. CT results from back then are almost exactly the same as the one last week that agitated my doctors. If there's more to know, I'm open to hearing from them. Right now, I am moving on...

Went back to exercise class this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it --- Swiss ball pushups, planks with movement, lots of balance exercises. Felt great! Got lots of compliments from our teacher.

Enough about me -- love to hear from our regulars -- and from anyway out there who would like to check in and say how life's going for them -- weight maintenance, weight loss, nutrition, exercise, great trips, meals adventures -- anyway. How you are staying your course! (And anybody got any stories of great April Fools' Day pranks you've played or had pulled on you?)




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Oct 7, 2016
Great news! Glad to read this SB!

Nothing new with me. Made some good choices at grocery store this week. My appointment is coming up the 16th and would like to drop a couple lbs. to at least show doc I am trying, lol Making lots of trips outside now to exercise Molly and me. Feels good to get out and moving more. Other than course is a pretty big snore.

Thinking of all and hope you all have a good week! Stay the course !


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Jul 11, 2016
Southern California USA
Checking in on this beautiful April Fool's Day.
I've been lazy lately and not walking as much as I need to. I can tell a difference in my cardio. Got a blister last week because I walked 2 miles at work with my dress shoes. I need to take my running shoes to work.
Weight is still staying the same. It went down a couple pounds and then right back. At least it's not bad but when I weigh this much (184) I snore.
Big relief, our taxes are done! that's always a stress because I have 2 sets of books to get in order (small business and personal).
Yearly cardiologist appointment is in early May. That's when he will prescribe the yearly echocardiogram. My valve is over 6 years old now and is a 15 year valve but we all know what that means.
Rain predicted for Wednesday.

SB, great news. Hope that it's a false alarm.
Hope everyone has a great week.


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Aug 28, 2017
Greater Manchester, England
Great news SB let's hope the .01% doesn't come back to haunt us

We are all human and make mistakes, this mistake seems a bit odd seeing as they're professionals
and are privy to your history.

It has caused a lot of unnecessary stress.

Early morning gym completed, i'm trying to find a local place to do my body composition
i am particularly interested in my visceral fat %

Dog walk now :)

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