Staying the Course --- 03/30/2020

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Apr 21, 2005
Coastal Carolina
Does this seem like the longest March ever? (No pun intended.)

Some great posts at end of last week's thread. Fred -- what an ER adventure! I had one somewhat similar -- details later, I'm kind of worn out now. Want to watch some TV sit-coms to numb my brain. But Fred --- set out on 24-mile trek? Wow, glad your DW rescued you! What a story -- I enjoy your writing.

Tom, more keen observations relating to my aches and pains. On today's dawgwalk, I finally used the back brace (? not sure that's the right word for it-- it's adjustible, and reasonably comfortable) that my ortho prescribed me for spinal stenosis years ago. Used it instead of toting my walking stick behind my back -- really weirdly! -- to stabilize my spine. It was an improvement. But now I feel some aches and pains in my right shoulder -- I guess from using my walking stick as it is intended.

I guess it's paranoid but I keep taking my temperature from time to time. It was 97 something this morning but 98.8 right now, which is normal, right? Symptom of the virus, I gather, is temp up in the 100s, difficulty breathing, dry cough. I have none of those, but I guess it's not a bad idea these days to take your temp, not just your bp and pulse. (Oh and Tom, also, thanks very much for those exercises. I will check them out.)

Continue to have Duffey and her Bob and family in my heart. Such a tragedy. Praying for them.

Wishing for all to stay safe, be well. More to come.

"We're in this together."

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tom in MO

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Jan 17, 2012
Well when it comes to 98.8 being "normal" our preacher says normal is just a setting on the washing machine. However, your temperature is normal if you aren't diseased :) Trouble with symptoms is that a dry cough and difficulty breathing are signs of allergies, and it's allergy season.

You are welcome on the exercises Bob. I also forgot one other thing for the stenosis that works for me, which is ibuprofen. It helps with the inflammation. Since I'm on warfarin, I can only take the OTC dose and for not more than 2-months. But it can help. Per doctor you can take it with acetaminophen for the pain.

To me it seems a little weird not having religion involved in a time of global stress. Makes me wonder what Mother/Saint Teresa would say on the subject of letting people die alone. Would she still tend to the poor dying in the streets of Calcutta?

Everyone is lauding the medical personnel working to battle the virus, very few are lauding the custodian who keeps the rest of us safe. Thank a janitor today, he/she can't work from home.


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Jul 11, 2016
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I'm at work today. Every day there are changes. They take our temperature when we come in the building now. About half of us are working from home full time and some of the others part time. Stairwells dedicated to going up or down only. Cafeteria chairs and tables removed to make 6 foot separation. Couches and seats in the common areas have tape to keep people far away. Going to further splitting of shifts to reduce numbers of workers during a time period. Today they started pouring the sodas for you in the cafeteria. I wonder how long they will stay open.
It's been interesting, lost a couple pounds. Not eating out much is probably what helped that.
My family doesn't want me in work but risk is still low here. Numbers from a couple days ago were a little more than 300 cases in the county I live in with a population of 3.2 million. My city had 9 yesterday with a population of around 90,000. The county that I work in is also low but I don't have the numbers.
Still exercising daily. The weather is turning warmer and with DST it's light out.
SB, hope your pains go away. Keep moving.
Everyone stay safe.

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Aug 8, 2008
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Stopping by to say hello. We're healthy so far and hunkered down in Philadelphia. This Palm Sunday morning I did a Zoom virtual service followed by a nice fellowship meeting sponsored by St. Barthelemy Anglican Church, St. Barthekemy, F.W.I . It's my favorite vacation spot. We enjoyed ten days on the island in February before the plague hit. Now I don't know when we'll ever get back. My fifth year anniversary echo and check-up with my cardio was canceled in March. He offered a virtual on line appointment but I deferred because I am good and wanted him to concentrate on patients that really needed him. We walk for an hour each morning then spend the rest of the day in the house. The days go by slowly now almost like the world is in slow motion. A nurse told us this morning during the church fellowship meeting that she is convinced that the main mode of transmission is by aerosol or droplets, so she said that wearing a mask is the best thing you can do, in addition to the other usual recommendations. Hang in there everyone

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