selecting a bioprosthetic valve for my 73 year old mother

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Hi there,

We recently learned my mom has severe aortic stenosis (opens to .8 cm2) and needs valve replacement. She is otherwise healthy (just osteoporosis) so is not a candidate for TAVR. I think we're looking exclusively at bioprosthetics at this point (vs mechanical) and are trying to figure out which would be the best choice for her. I've looked around this board a bit but havent seen any topics on selection of bioprosthetic valves for healthy seniors in their 70s. Might anyone have any recommendations or information about which one(s) are the best available (in terms of lowest rate of failures or complications for the longest period) as of now in mid 2017? One of the surgeons we've had a consult with so far said he uses either the Edwards Magna Ease or the Medtronics Mosaic. From preliminary internet reading, Mosaic seems to have more issues, however, hard to tell, and we have the option to go with a different valve (and surgeon) if we choose. Any input would be incredibly appreciated!

Thanks so much


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Feb 10, 2007
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At age 73 a bioprosthetic seems the best choice since it should last her lifetime and probably will avoid blood thinners unless afib shows up down the road. I'd go with the Edwards valve. They've been in the valve business from the beginning and are the leader in that science. Plus they built my valve(mechanical) and I've had it 50 years with no complaints.


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Most of us have found that each surgeon has a "preferred" brand/type of valve, and will use that one unless there are conditions that better fit another. It might make sense to pick her surgeon and then ask which valve the surgeon typically uses. That also usually gets you the valve that the particular surgeon is most experienced in implanting. I am not current on the research, but I don't remember that there are major differences in success/service lifespans among the valves.

That said, I have the Edwards valve, and I would use it again if the need arose.

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Jun 14, 2010
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Patients should be able to chose whether they want a mechanical or a tissue replacement valve, but I can't see how patients should be able to judge which manufacturer of valve they have ! Like Steve says, it's the make the surgeon typically implants that's important - it would not be very good if a patient insisted on a particular make that the surgeon was not familiar with implanting.

I have an Edwards valve and am very happy with the company as they appear to have excellent patient support. I've been in contact with them a number of times with questions about my valve and they have always responded, usually one of their cardiologists telephones me.

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