Second opinion?

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Jul 8, 2020
I second getting a second, third, etc. surgical opinion as each surgeon has their own expertise and will give you their own assessment of your case. Where one may suggest biological, another may suggest mechanical and another may suggest repairing. One may prefer a St Jude vs Onyx, a bovine vs porcine vs cadaver. One may prefer ROSS, minimally invasive, or TAVR. One may say you need surgery now and another may say to wait. And if you have more than one valve that needs intervention, then that increases the options and decisions you may have.

Meeting with a variety of surgeons will help guide you to make the best decision, not only to choose which surgeon to go with, but also what type of valve and procedure to go with. One surgeon my wife met with before her first surgery simply said “I will do whatever you want” and did not have a preference one-way or another.


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Nov 4, 2012
Queensland, OzTrayLeeYa
as each surgeon has their own expertise and will give you their own assessment of your case.
to the OP, there is wisdom in this. It is the basic reason why its "medical opinion". Each has some strong conviction that they are right, this is not to say they are not "right" but there is always some element of ego involved. (side stepping what is "right).

For instance, in 1974 what was "right" or "best" for me may be different to what is right or best for a 10 year old with todays present technology.


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Oct 19, 2019
I had the opinion of 2 of the best surgeons in the country and the opinion of a team of cardiologists.When the time came, both heart surgeons suggested a mechanical valve and explained their argument. When asked which valve used both said they would decide at that time because there was an issue with the aorta the dimension was 42 mm, they said that according to the instructions, they do not change it before 45 for a BAV valve or 50 for a normal one. However, if during the operation they find her sick with thin walls and loose tissue then they would change it.So they told me if they make a change they will put an ΑΒΒΟΤΤ implant with STJ valve if they do not change it they will put the LIVANOVA which had the ability to rotate.