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Returned to work yesterday and was actually glad to be back! Did nine hours with less fatigue than normal (before the deterioration that lead up to surgery). The deep soreness in my heart that I was experiencing even up to a week ago when I would get fatigued has totally disappeared and I am almost symptomless (except for some minor sternum soreness and itching from my wounds).

Didn't get online much in the last few weeks because have been out of station a lot and otherwise my kids tend to dominate our computers at home since they're off for the summer. I usually logon from work and so now that I am back there I hope to keep up with the forum better than I have.

Thanks again everyone for helping me through one of my biggest challenges in life.


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Jun 5, 2001
Mesa, Arizona in the good ole USA
Go Steve!

Go Steve!

Yes indeed - the point where you start to feel nothing is the real moment that makes it all worth while.

It is absolutely amazing that the body has the ability to overcome such trauma.

Heres to many more months of improvement and a continued recovery.

Mike in Florida

Glad to have ya back!

Glad to have ya back!

Howdy Steve!
So glad you made it back to work in such
a timely fashion! Of course I was'nt at work
yesterday or today, as my Afib has me a little
worn out lately, and I decided to stay home
and recup. a little. So glad your valve is doing
so well. I think everyone really is hoping you
keep us informed on your progress with the Cryo-
valve, sounds awesome so far! What I would do
for some sinus rythym, quiet valves, and no meds.
Maybe we could do lunch sometime, after you get
back in the swing of things. My Shands pager is
3341, and I'm in Facilities Development on GR.
floor. You on GR. floor also? Do'nt overdo it,
hope to see you soon!
Mike in Florida


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Jun 11, 2001
Hi Steve,

Glad to hear you are back to it! IT must feel good to get up and back to the regular routine! Although, I bet you look back at this, and wish you could take some time off again, although not for the same reasons... <smile>

I hope you pace yourself there. The people around you will see you doing well , and forget that you are still recovering from open heart surgery. Don't let them push you too hard. Don't try to accomodate a tough schedule, you come first.

Not trying to get on a soap box about it, but I have been there, and so has Ben Smith and others. Wish you the best, a full and speedy recovery, or as Spok once said. " Live Long and Prosper"


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