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Jul 15, 2005
I always think it is especially sad when people die on the way to helping other live. I'm sure everyone would appreciate extra prayers, both the friends and family members as well a the patients involved. Not to mention patients who were waiting for surgery by Dr. Bonilla.
So sad.
MIAMI — Three people were killed when a helicopter on its way to retrieve a heart for transplant crashed in northern Florida, leaving the patient to wait for another organ to become available...

..The helicopter was carrying heart surgeon Dr. Luis Bonilla and procurement technician David Hines of the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. The name of the pilot has not been released.

Mayo Clinic spokesman Layne Smith said the patient who had been scheduled to receive the heart is back on the waiting list for a new organ.

Kathy Giery, a spokeswoman for Shands’ LifeQuest Organ Recovery Service, said Tuesday that the heart was not recovered from the donor. It was too far along in the process of lining up organ recipients and surgical teams to get the heart to another patient, Giery said.

Giery could not say whether any other organs were recovered and donated because of privacy laws, but she said the heart not being used did not affect the other recovery personnel already in place.

The heart would have been the first organ recovered, Giery said.

Bergen said the helicopter went down about 12 miles northeast of Palatka, which is about 40 miles east of Gainesville......
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Dec 25, 2011
Sioux City, Iowa.
A life lost is never good, especially when it's trying to help another's life. Condulances to all family and friends involved.

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