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Dec 14, 2016
The Great White North
Hi Y'all...used to be more active around these parts, then the surgery and I haven't been around for a while. Hard to find communities for us heart patients though! Anyways, today I am wondering if anyone else here does OrangeTheory? It's basically a HIIT program branded with colour zones and heart rate monitors. I love the data and the workout. I am on BB which lower my max hr ceiling as you know, but I just get in there and do the workout. I've been loving it. My questions is this: has anyone received medical advice on HIIT? I know, ask my own doctor...and I have and will continue to, however, so far the advice has been pretty non-specific...I'd love to continue being in good shape but really don't wanna be doing damage...

For reference, my usual avg HR in session is usually around 70% of what they think my max is, which seems to be the standard 220-age equation...




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Jun 11, 2007
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The prior suggestions are good ones, certainly. I agree that the medical advice we get can be non-specific, and that's typically because there isn't a huge body of research to support any conclusions in the area. It's more medical art than science, it seems, when it comes to exercise post-surgery.

That being said, obviously keep in good contact with your care team. Mine has consistently said to do as I like, just don't be ridiculous about it. My cardio was fine with me running distance events and such with the only caveat really being about making sure to breath when exercising to keep internal blood pressure to a reasonable level.

Glad you dropped back in and that you're staying active. It's an important story for the rest of us to hear.