Operation #2

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Feb 28, 2008
Placerville, CA, USA
Hi, I’m a returning member. Not that long ago I was on here regularly taking in information which helped so much with my first operation.
That operation to repair my aortic valve was only 14 months ago (I was age 40) and all went to plan but have just been informed my last eco showed bad results where my heart was enlarged again and the leak becoming severe again. Hard to take and way to close together to have back to back open heart surgeries. (Age 42 now)
Anyway, only solution is open heart again. This time my choices are mechanical valve or the pigskin.

initally I really pushed for the repair because I didn’t like the thought of mechancial valve and the lifelong medication plus blood tests that go with it. (I know of home testing). Or the worry day to day of where my inr levels might or might not be at. From an outsider looking in it feels to restricting and stresssful living life stressing over inr levels. (I am a bit of a hypochondriac)

Nor was I a fan of the oink oink valves as I’m very active and young and that would require redo’s down the track but would love living a stress free life not having to worry about other issues. I did enjoy the 14 months of thinking all was sweet and was feeling good.

Anyway, Neither options are attractive.

my cardiologist was leaning towards the pig skin valve as he said yes I will probably need 3-4 redo’s over my life but the redo’s are much more advanced and simpler than what they use to be as they do it through the groin.

So just wondering besides the redo’s is there any other negatives to this option?
I am 11 years on St Jude mechanical with zero issues. I am so glad I don’t have to face another operation. Yes warfarin is a pain but with my home testor it’s pretty routine. I do my own dosage management.