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Jun 4, 2022
I am one year post Ross procedure. I'm experiencing some symptoms that I thought would be gone by now. I wanted to see if it was common with others.

I have generally pain across my chest with any type of sudden motion. For example if I roll over in bed or get up from the couch. Coughing. Sitting up in bed.

It's not a terrible pain just mild and uncomfortable. I'm fairly active and thought after a year this would go away.

Wondering if it's just part of the healing process or a permanent side affect of OHS.

Also think I have an incisional hernia below and to the right of breastbone. Could be associated with my chest pain but I think it's a separate issue. Have an appt with surgeon soon.

Incisional hernias anyone?


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Aug 30, 2021
I'm about 7 months post AVR and I haven't had any pains for months really. I can lift stuff and do pretty much anything without any chest pain. No pain from coughing or getting up from couch.

If I have a huge, huge sneeze I can sometimes get a small bit of discomfort but thats about it.


Aug 18, 2021
United States
My 1-year anniversary for aortic valve replacement is June. My original symptoms which lead me to my initial doctor appointment have never gone away. For all I really know I might not have a replaced valve and they just cut me open and billed me for a valve replacement surgery.

There are three aspects to consider: 1. The ailment 2. The surgery 3. The time out of commission from whatever you do in your day to day existence. I felt capable of working my physically intense job and returned a month early. The transition from being out of commission and getting my sea legs back went quickly, about a week. Once I had recovered from the surgery and gotten back into the swing of things at work I could see that nothing else had changed. The benefits are only detectible with medical devices.

Pains, sometimes I experience pain reminiscent of some detail of this process. I learned of areas I had never sensed and distinctly identified before. Never had a tube in my lung cavity and when they pulled it out I felt a new sensation, for instance. Occasionally I feel aches I had never felt until this process. My sternum gets sore. The inside of my back gets sore. The incision scar gets sore even though it has now faded and is almost invisible. Probably one of the worst things is pain breathing. I have a physical job which places extra demands on scar and strained tissue. A symptom pre and post surgery is feeling like I only have the capacity of one lung and my chest hurts as I try to inhale more expanding the lungs.
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