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Chuck C Supporter
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Dec 5, 2020
I had my valve replaced in 2018 with a Abbott (st jude) TFGT-25A valve. just wondering if I should ask my cardiologist about this FDA warning.

Thank You
As a follow up, no need for anxiety, as this is not happening with most of the Trifecta valves, just need to monitor them more closely. I would suggest that you push for echos every 6 months. If they try to push you to 12+ plus for follow up, I would dig in my heels a bit and self advocate for 6 months. You will likely be fine, but with this valve once SVD starts it can progress rapidly. So, also pay attention to any signs of symptoms as well and get checked out right away if you have any. You might want to print the publication in the link below and bring it to your next consult with your cardiologist.

"Physicians involved in the follow-up of these patients should always keep in mind the possibility of rapid SVD in the Trifecta valve."

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Sep 4, 2004
Fairfield, Iowa
New person to this site, I was recently diagnosed with moderate 1.1 Aortic stenosis from BAV
Wondering if anyone has any input on how long it took them to get from this point to serious stage
Everyone is different, but I joined here 20 years ago when my son was newly diagnosed with a BAV at age 11. He’s 31 now and still has both his original aortic valve and ascending aorta. Surgery is closer but not imminent. I wish I’d had a crystal ball 20 years ago to see that for us this has been a slowly developing situation. Best of luck!


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Oct 19, 2019
The manufacturer has announced its decision to stop selling and distributing Trifecta valves in the United States and has informed customers to return unused Trifecta valves. The FDA continues to work with the manufacturer to further evaluate the potential risk of early SVD in patients implanted with Trifecta valves.