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maya gautreau

Hi Yaw,
Am 35, ended up in emergency room, then hospital due to abnormal EKG. Right ventricular hypo, something, and left branch blockage. Had echo done, and tech said he sees the valve leaking back into something and something being dilated. Not sure what all he was talking about. Still have some twisting pain in the chest, but am home and taking lanoxin. The doctor said see him in two weeks, maybe will do a stress test. Dr. said tech doesn't know what he is talking about. Doesn't the tech's have to know something to know where they need to focus for the echo. I am really confused and scared. Mother had a heart attack 2 months ago at 54, two aunts have died, two uncles, and a grandfather due to heart disease and attacks.
Have an appointment with new cardiologist this coming Monday. Any wise words from the people who have BTDT?

Maya Gautreau

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Jun 5, 2001
Mesa, Arizona in the good ole USA
Welcome Maya

Welcome Maya

Welcome to our family Maya. Post any question you like in the topic that matches your question as close as possible. You will find that there are many people who will give you information.

I would start with the "Heart Talk" forum.

It's great to have you and I look forward to seeing your posts being answered.


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Jun 10, 2001
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Hey Maya - welcome to this site - there is so much information here for you. When you go to see your dr, take with you a notebood and pen - write down any words you don't understand and ask him/her to spell for you if you don't recognize the words. Then if the dr doesn't fully explain each one of your symptoms, you can come in here and there is a wealth of information at your fingertips. YOu will be fully educated before you know it as the folks here have been there/done that and will stay right with you all the time you need and answer every question you have. Not to worry - you have found people who care, but most importantly, have much knowledge for you. God bless:)

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Sep 1, 2001
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hi maya!
welcome to this site. it is such a wonderful, informative and supportive place. we're all here to hold your hand as you go through this scary time. when you see your doc, please make sure you ask him/her to explain things that you don't understand (maybe draw diagrams?). i too think it's a good idea to take a pen and pad and jot down things/words you may not understand and bring them in to us.
in the meantime, please let us know what happens and what the doc says. what tests have you had so far?
please be well and keep us posted,

p.s. just got back from visiting tulane with my oldest daughter. what a great place!

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