Need for pacemaker post-AVR?

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Aug 10, 2010
In an earlier post, I wrote about getting my pacemaker when my heart rate dropped into the high 30s. I was in and out of the hospital in about 6 hours when I got my pacemaker implanted.

My cardio set the pacer at 90 a few months ago - he said he'll set it back a few days later. He didn't. He told me that it would make my heart stronger. I don't know if that's true.

I don't think that I'm pacemaker dependent - it was turned off when I had a cardiac MRI, and I was fine with it.


There was a post about the 'big magnets' in the iPhone 13. Is this really a problem for pacemaker users?

Is this risk documented somewhere? (I have an iPhone 11 and no plans to upgrade, but the answer will be good to know).

Is this a problem with other new phones?


I may eventually get to talk to my cardio about the rate he set on my pacemaker.

I may return to cardiac rehab - I need it now, more than before.

Pacemakers shouldn't be feared. They keep some of us alive. They shouldn't be considered to be a sign of weakness. And, FWIW, they may help us go through airports a bit more quickly (although I haven't taken a plane since getting my pacemaker, so I don't really know).