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Gail in Ca

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Jun 26, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
When I was given a aortic tissue valve for a 1st surgery, I was 34 and clueless about ohs.
My fear was a scar and not surviving to see my 2 yr old grow up. I did well, so fast forward to 2nd surgery. My pig valve was calcifying so I needed replacement at 46yrs old. I went for a cardiac cath test and was put into congestive heart failure due to a scab nurse giving me a fluid overload after the procedure. I was sent home next day, and was taken by ambulance 3 days later to Stanford hospital w bp of 90/19. My pig valve was failing badly. I was hooked up to monitors and had my 2nd avr the next evening.
I awoke feeling tired but fine. I was given FFP otherwise I was sent home 4 days later feeling exhausted. But, I recovered and did well. The sound of the mechanical valve took some getting used to. I tested my blood at home from the get go. No problem there.
Then, 8 1/2 yrs later I got bacterial endocarditis so had to have everything replaced from the 1st & 2nd surgeries.
There was a lot of scar tissue, it was a risky surgery but I awoke feeling good.
I had a partial collapsed lung and was also given FFP. I recovered well and went home in 6 days.
So, my story isn’t the best but it does let people know things can happen when you choose a 2nd surgery that you don’t think will happen to you if you’re a healthy person.

DebbyA Supporter
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Feb 5, 2007
Tucson, AZ
In case you were asking for my thoughts--I expressed the best I could the first time. From time to time people describe difficulty dealing with the sound, and I was worried about it in advance. Now I just notice it from time to time, and greet it as a friend. I usually hear it when I'm working quietly by myself, and never lying awake at night. My story is not as harrowing as Gail's above. I did discover some time after second surgery that I had also gained a ventral septal defect as a result. Cardiologists assure me it's not a problem--or they can fix it if it becomes one.