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Hello All,

I am dead tired and half crazy...

But my mom is soo much better physically. Cardiology thinks her heart is functioning better and that she is doing better overall physically. The fluid is off her body. She looks so tiny. Her left lung is clear and her right lung still is a bit wet. Most of her pleural effusions are gone especially at the top of both lungs. She is sitting up and wants to walk and move but she is not together mentally. She will follow along and then lose focus/concentration in the middle of us trying to get her to stand up. But she is scooting now in the bed - back, forward, and to the sides.

They are consulting more with geriatrics and psych to try and see what can be done to get her better mentally before she goes to rehab.


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Jul 18, 2005
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That’s good news, moving her to a hospital that actually knows how to treat heart failure properly has paid off.
If your mother had no mental issues before the VR you may want to ask the doctors if it is being caused by any of the medication she is on.
A lot of heart related medications carry warnings that they may affect mental alertness.
I was only 41 at the time of my first surgery and some of the medication I was on in the first 6 months post surgery made me tired and caused difficulty with concentration.


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Oct 7, 2016
OMGosh is this ever GREAT to read! Finally! I have been wondering how it was going and sometimes assume the worst.

Personally, I can take all the Lasix in the world and the fluid does NOT come off until my body starts to heal. CHF is such a crazy thing to deal with as we think we are healing (and we are) but still have breathing and fluid issues. I agree that some of the meds may need to be addressed but after both heart surgeries I had a long period of time getting concentration back. I still play solitaire online daily hoping that will help with it (or mostly because I like it,lol)

You take care and thank you for letting us know how it is going. Onward and upwards, better days ahead! :)


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Aug 25, 2018
Thanks Honeybunny. I am too! I am hoping that she continues on the upswing. :)

Hey OldManEmu - that is a good idea. I hadn't thought of that. She is taking quite a few meds for her heart/blood pressure. I appreciate your suggestion.

Hi JWinter! I am so tired and yet cautiously happy. I think my mom may need something like that - games or some kind of interactions in the future to help her get her concentration back. I appreciate your kind wishes and support.


General: I don't know why the post posted as a guest. I was logged in and I am not sure why the post came in twice. So sorry.


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Nov 4, 2012
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Glad to hear that Becky

now that the "heat is off", you need to start looking after yourself too, after all if you frazzle yourself you can't help. I've also observed in many situations that these things can put a strain on your own family relationships too (should they go on for long periods) (I used to work as a electronics technician for a company who did home distress systems for elderly)

Best Wishes

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