Magnesium anyone?

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Jun 29, 2019
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I'm also taking the glycinate - but it's tricky because the dose is so low compared to the other forms. IF it's more absorbable than the others, perhaps the doses in the bottle are plenty.

Doctors have to do CYA, so they tell you to use the form that's been researched. Perhaps they're right. But in my case, I had to avoid pure oxide, and used Trader Joe's magnesium, which includes Oxide, Citrate, and another form.

When I went into the hospital in late December, my magnesium numbers were up - demonstrating that these supplements ARE increasing the magnesium levels. Sure, I was still taking magnesium oxide, but I'm pretty sure that the other forms also helped.

It would be interesting to see if your blood magnesium changes after taking it -- but of course this would require prescriptions from your doctor before and after taking it for a week or two.
I take the old u.s. RDA of magnesium 400 mg a day either split up into doses once in the morning once at night or just once all at once. I do it for everything depression hearing loss tinnitus heart problems arrhythmias the whole pinata. I'm also on a strict vegan diet for life and luckily the a lot of what I eat has a ton of magnesium including beans which I make from scratch how do I highly advise a vegan diet if you got heart issues plus I lost 20 lb 58 years old I look fuking hot in a speedo not a bad gig when you're single and an actor


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Aug 10, 2010
LadyChicken -- I've been taking magnesium for around 9 months. I have a pacemaker, and it reports any arrhythmias or other issues to a monitoring service, using a device near my bed that interrogates my pacemaker.

In my case, I've still had short runs of PVC (I think), but these occurred late at night, lasted for 3 seconds, and didn't concern my cardiologist AT ALL.

I don't know if the magnesium prevented many from happening - or if I only had the single episode, and magnesium had no effect at all.

I take it. I'll continue to take it. It isn't hurting anything (I don't take enough oxide to cause digestive issues), and it probably helps.


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Jan 7, 2020
Update - I've been taking 400mg of the "Doctor's Best" chelated glycinate for about a month now. No issues so far and no effect on INR. Have had one migraine in a month. Not sure if that is related to the new form of magnesium, but I'll take it!

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