Low blood pressure

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Art O Ceitinn

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Aug 6, 2013
Neuilly Plaisance
I record my blood pressure most days and have noticed that for the last 6 months it is at the lower end of normal, average reading 100/58 pulse 55. I have reduced my prescribed medicine by 50% to 25mg of Atenolol + 20mg of Valsartan +3mg Hydrochlorothiazide per day and my BP has remained the same. I have no sign of bleeding or health change.
Could it be a age thing ?


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Aug 10, 2010
Why don't you talk to your doctor?
I take 1/2 dose of the medications my cardio gives me (Benazepril, Bisoprolol), niacin) but I don't recommend dropping your dose without talking to your doctor first.
If you DO drop your dose, do it one medication at a time -- this way, if you see changes in your BP, you have an idea which medication is probably responsible for the change. (I dropped my dosage because, through experience, I found that the doctor typically prescribes more than I actually need -- he once gave me FOUR TIMES the dose of metoprolol that I need, and I had terrible side effects).
If your doctor doesn't have an answer (he or she probably will have some advice or want to see you), consider finding another doctor.

Lower range of normal for BP is probably a GOOD thing, isn't it?

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