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Good morning,

Im a 30 year old male, TOF repair at 14 months old. I also have LPA stenosis, for which I have had a total of 4 catherizations, including a balloon angioplasty and stent emplacement. I recently was told that I need my PV replaced due to severe regurgitation. I am currently less than 1 week away from this open heart surgery. Ive lived a life of many trials and tribulations, but somehow Ive won over, in fact my goal in life is to treat patients with similar ailments as me. I am currently in medical school (on leave), and hope to pursue Adult Congenital Cardiology.

Very recently I was told that I needed open heart surgery for this PV replacement. However prior to this they were trying to place the valve via a cath.

I am posting on this page to see what your thoughts are on dealing with this. My ex fiancé and I parted ways after she it seemed didn't want to deal with this or my medical school. She had recently gone on vacation while I was here at school/home attending to doctors' appointments. I was going through a lot and had asked her to call me, Her reply was "No I can't call you, not even for 5 minutes, it doesn't work like that, you have continual issues, first med School and now health issues". I mean I had it coming I supposed, someone who had wanted to sell back our engagement ring, to get something else, I refused but still got a second one for her, and then in a fight one Time she called the first one a POS. Moreso, when my health issues came up, we had a small argument and she said "I feel like I am with someone who's going to die on me any day".

Those words "die on me any day", are echoing more and more as the days come near. Did any of you have any issues like this, where your spouse left you hanging?

I was top of my class, ready to save the world, and for now I can't manage to save myself for the time being.

Thanks a lot.

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