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a wonderful friend of mine is having vavle replacement surgery in a week and a half and I just want to make sure I'm doing all I can to keep his mind at ease. I can tell he's getting nervous and I want him to know he's not alone, but I'm at a loss with all of this. I've never been through anything like this personally. Well on his side.


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Nov 4, 2012
Queensland, OzTrayLeeYa
listen ... that helps a lot.

reassure him that its fine, reassure him that in a short time surgery will be all in the past and that its one of the most successful surgical interventions in modern medicine.

It is after all just replacing a valve ... the amazing work is all the stuff that goes into the surgery, but after that the body does a great of healing from it all and he'll be back doing normal things, only better, soon.


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Dec 26, 2002
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Well. . . you found us, so why not introduce your friend to us, too? With the lot of us as remote "friends" and you as the local interpreter, it may help.

Pellicle is spot on, though. Valve replacement surgery has become one of the "safest" major surgery procedures in recent years. Mortality rates are extremely low (typically just over 1%) and recovery is quite manageable, even for elderly patients. Younger patients recover more quickly, but most all can "make it back" to the lifestyle they had, or even better, fairly soon after surgery.

Tell us more, and we may be able to help more.

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