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EasterRat Supporter Supporter
Dec 14, 2016
The Great White North
Hiya folks,

So, I have come to this site a time or three and I have some feedback. The page load lag is an issue. I am not sure as to all the technicalities thereof or the why for's and whatnot, but it is a distraction/impediment to some folks I would imagine. I am 42 so hardly an inexperienced teen that thinks 4k needs to stream instantly. I have experienced plenty of post delays, resulting in double posts, and have even left the site when I might otherwise poke around and interact more...for what that is worth.

Also, navigation and posting on my iPad or iPhone is markedly more difficult and seems broken. I tap the comment field and nothing occurs. Obviously, I would attribute this to user error first, but I think there may be more here.

I have donated already, hoping that might help, and would be willing to chip in more if the thought is that it could help




Premium User Supporter
Dec 26, 2002
Chicago area
E-R, The page-loading lag is a known issue, and has been so for quite a while. The site used to be much more responsive, until a software upgrade was installed. Things then went drastically into the dumper, to the point, IIRC, that the site was off-line for some days. Hank has done a lot of work to try to get the system to perform more crisply, but he may be at his wits' end trying to remedy it. Other boards that use the same software had, at the time, experienced similar lag issues. I do not know how the other boards remedied their issues, though.

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