I've crossed the line into severe and need to make a decision

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Chuck C

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Dec 5, 2020
Man, I'm a whiny SOB. Just realized I should get a local shop to do my winter/summer tire swap, too.
Yeah, definitely don't temp yourself to lift a heavy tire. Best to plan for that one ahead of time. It's time to swallow the pride a little and be willing to ask for help. I even asked my wife to carry my laundry basket to the laundry room for me. 😦 I got over it and got better 🤣

Michael O

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Jun 22, 2021
Hi Michael
You're not whiny. Your question is very legitimate and we all want to know what the hell we are getting into. Your body will let you know when you can do things......and you will be able to do, pretty much, all you do now. I remember digging a post-hole, for a rural mailbox, with a manual post-hole digger about 10 weeks after my surgery.......just to prove I could.......I survived but I do recall having a sore back and ribs for a while. I like the advice I was given several decades ago......"You can only eat this elephant one bite at a time".
Best quotes from my PT during a very long shoulder surgery recovery:
"Slow is fast"
"There's no medals for valor"

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