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Mar 28, 2021
About 5-6 years after my valve replacement (St Jude 2008) I had the problem with my heart rate all over the place. It got so bad that at least a few times a week I would get VERY dizzy and had to sit down or fall. Driving was out, my wife drove from that day on. After the dizziness pasted I would get the worst headache EVER that lasted about 15 min. They found it was Stage 3 heart block, so now I have a pacemaker.

What makes me so damn mad is NO ONE told me anything about what can happen AFTER the valve replacement.


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Mar 17, 2015
I very rarely heard my valves clicking even when my hearing was excellent! And when I did, it was comforting and never annoying though I’m sensitive to any sound.
It’s my grand nephews/nieces who can hear the click…they enjoy the sound…they take turns to put their heads on my chest to listen to my “clock”, as they call it 🙂
Enjoy your newer life.
Sorry about that, just seen this and am replying back to you now.....>>>>> back in 2015 and when i got my new ST. JUDE MITRAL VALVE, i was hard of hearing back then, and have never heard mine, not that I think it would have bothered me, So far I have devices to check my EKG, INR, BP, HR, O2 level, i think thats it, and need all of them, I am old and getting older! 69 now and 70 in 2023. and from my understanding, anyone that stands close, and has good hearing can hear mine. so Eva i say to you now, live long and prosper!!! HHO
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Jun 24, 2010
Kennesaw, GA
Well I also had a high HR reading over 175 bpm in December. Prior to that, I only had one episode back in 2019. Last July, when I had my annual Echo, my cardio said I'm stable but mentioned that some people with prior heart surgery may develop Afib as they hit their 60's and up. So he suggested I buy a Kardia ECG monitor. I bought the 6 Lead and was told to record an ECG once a week and send him any abnormals. In January, after my high reading in December which looked like an atrial flutter, I was hooked up with a 30-day Event monitor which didn't show anything exciting and was quite unremarkable. A few weeks ago, another 175+bpm reading. He determined that this was Afib and put me on Eliquis 5mg 2x per day. In all 3 episodes, the HR corrected itself.
I have a zoom with him next week to discuss further. I was also scheduled for a followup in May. Seems like a popular topic.

Not sure how to add to a previous message but here goes.

As a followup to my March zoom, my cardio has put me on Metoprolol Tartrate 25mg daily along with the Eliquis for now until I see him next monh in July. Ideally, he wants to treat me by lowering the HR and not by just thinning my blood by anticoagulant. The plan is to hopeful take me off the Eliquis and just take the Metoprolol. He's also thinking about another MCOT monitor experiment for 30 days. Anyway, my HR has decreased from 75 to close to 65 so it seems to be working.


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Nov 4, 2012
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