How long were you out from work ?

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Just wondering here long people were off work for after surgery ...I'm a teacher ....just wondering how long I'd upset my class for ?


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Jun 11, 2001
Hi Scottie,

MY surgeon told me that I could go back to work right after he discharged me from his care, which was 6 weeks after surgery. However, Since I was on disability, I took the full 12 weeks that I had available, and was so glad that I did.

My reasons for this are; After such a major surgery, many people go through periods of depression, the time off helped me work through it.
Also, when you do go back to work, people are sympathetic and supportive at first, but that goes away fast, and WHAM... before you know if you are faced with a full workload again, and work demands that build up.
In my opinion, (for my recovery), if I went back to work too soon, it would have been a mistake. I was still weak when I did go back 12 weeks after surgery.

You only live once, enjoy the fact that you got a chance to extend it, and take the time to enjoy it if you can.

Wishing you the best of holidays, and a Healthy New Year!

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You make the call

You make the call

Greetings, Scottie:

I think the amount of time it takes for one to return to work is more or less up to how the individual feels and their work situation.

I could have taken as much time off as I needed as my company was very supportive. However, I chose to go back to the office two weeks post surgery. I am a one-man creative services dept. for a small manufacturer and pretty much call my own shots. Yes, plenty of work was waiting for me, but I think it actually may have helped reverse stress. I guess I didn't give myself any chance to get depressed. I worked half-days for a couple of weeks and took it as slow as I could to re-acclimate to a full schedule.

Also, I was lucky to have an officemate as a nearby neighbor who picked me up every day for about three weeks in his red Corvette. It was spring time and I could not drive myself for about three weeks, so I just sucked it up!

One big problem was that I did not find this website until much later! Boy, did I miss out!!!

Best of luck to you and Happy Holidays.

Lisa in Katy

I took 8 weeks off. I couldn't drive for 5 weeks, so it would have been hard going back before that. I did some things at home, and really felt better 4 weeks after surgery than I did at 8 weeks since that's when pericarditis started. I guess it depends on what you teach. I wasn't teaching then, but I teach 1st grade now, and I can't imagine going back much before 4 weeks. I still wasn't sleeping well at night and catnapped during the day.

Jean Sisco

Hi, Fellow Teacher

Hi, Fellow Teacher


I teach high school. Left for my surgery right at the semester break in January. I could have gone back after my 6 week check up, but since that was right in the middle of the grade period and I had a very competent sub, I waited until the first week of the next grade period. That way I could let the sub finish up the period she was responsible for and I could start right out on the one I was to handle...I hope it caused the least confusion for the kids. I was out a total of 11 weeks .

Bill Hall

Scottie - I was out for six weeks after surgery. I was easily physically ready. It was good to see fellow workers again.


Hi Scottie
I think I was off work for 6 weeks. Take the time and enjoy it!

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